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  1. I shot this buck in North Dakota on November 4th... yes, full velvet on November 4th! It is what some people refer to as a "Cactus Buck." It had both male and female genetalia. It had no testicles and it had a milk sack. The condition has to do with testosterone levels. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome to Jamestown. I would be more than happy to go out fishing with you. I just moved here last summer, so I don't know the lakes all that well yet, but the fishing has been pretty good this summer (slowed down recently, but still not bad). Give me a buzz 7013885478 or email me b_kirkeby at hotmail dot com. My name is Ben.
  3. I don't have any pics, but Grand Forks is in good shape with their flood walls. They are good to go at 61 feet (the flood of 1997 was 53 or so... if I remember right). The better question would most likely be where can I cross the river to get to the Blue Moose? I don't live their any more so I can't help you with that one and it will most likely be a timing issue.
  4. Jason, We should get out some time soon. I am off of work starting tomorrow and don't go back until Jan. 12. Ben
  5. I agree... I drive a Pro V and I love it. It rides nice and it suits my needs (don't worry about rocks... as much). I have friends that have glass boats and some ride better or as nice (Rangers and Warriors ... haven't rode in most others). However, a buddy does have a champion... nice boat... worse ride I have ever been in. If you are not concerned about rocks, the Warrior is a great boat.
  6. I typically resort to pulling cranks when live bait rigging is slow or when I am on a new body of water. I have had a lot of luck pulling them over weeds. I pull them a lot slower than most people (1.2-1.5 mph).
  7. Well... you picked a rotten weekend. I am going out of town or I would have shown you around. The reservoir was fantastic up until last weekend. Now I am not sure what is going on (she is pretty green... not sure that matters?). I would probably still go there. We tried Pipestem and had better luck, but still no where near what the reservoir had been producing. That being said...the reservoir has a slot (everything under 14" goes back for walleyes) AND I would say 90% of the fish we caught were between 13-13.95". It kind of sucks, but we caught a lot of fish. Do you have a boat? I could steer you in the direction that was producing up until this past weekend.
  8. Thanks fellas... Scoot, I will contact you after a little while. I got some fishing to do this weekend (have fun with the kiddies... not fun to poke fun now is it??).
  9. Does anyone know what chips are out there for ND lakes... I would be primarily interested in having the lakes around Jamestown (Reservoir, Ashtabula, Spiritwood, Pipestem...etc). I wouldn't complain if I got Devils as a side bonus.
  10. I would say heck ya! Get hitched. The boat will still get out. Perhaps as much as it does now... especially if you can put her on some fish... my wife used to hate fishing, but once she outfished me (which happened to be everytime we went out), she ended up loving it.... I would say with much precaution to think seriously about having kids. Then it would be time to put the for sale sign up. I wouldn't give my kids up for the world and I enjoy them more than any fishing experience I have ever had, but it definitely has had an impact on the amount of time on the water. In a few years, when they are both old enough to fish, it will be well worth the couple year dip in time on the water. I don't know what Scoot's problem is... his wife made him buy her a vexilar!
  11. M_M... if I remember right isn't that why you told me you were friends with iff... since you'll be working again... can I borrow the boat!
  12. Thanks Marine_Man, I didn't mean to leave you out! But you're WAAAY down there in Lisbon (where my wife happens to be from). If I remember right, you are not actually FROM there though.. right? You are obviously more than welcome to join us on our voyages. I just remembered that Jason was actually from Valley City so he popped into my head when I heard about the position in Jamestown.
  13. Iffwalleye, buzz me an e-mail b_kirkeby at hotmail dot com. I got the job and we should get together and hit the reservoir sometime. I am not sure I will be able to get out before ice off... for sure not before April. But spring open water fishing is just around the corner! Ben
  14. I thought you could sleep in them as well... I went to the regs and this is what it says: Fish houses or shelters on waters north of the line* may remain on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise only when occupied or attended. Later on is says: Note: After the date when ice or fish houses or shelters must be removed, portable shelters may be placed on the ice and used from one hour before sunrise to midnight, but only if there is an open fishing season on the lake. I personally don't know what to make of it?
  15. ( Note from admin,please read forum policy before posting again,thank-you)
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