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  1. Quick question on coon hunting. Is it easier for the dogs to pick up coon scent when the grass is wet?
  2. Thanks, I looked on the DNR webpage and it said that it is legal in July
  3. Does anyone know if it is legal to trap turtles in MN and if so, is there a season?
  4. I was thinkin about getting a bow. I don't know much because this would be my first bow. All I want to know are some of the cool brands out there and if they are affortable. Thanks!
  5. Young Gun and I were pheasent hunting on my neighbors land. We only seen one hen. We didn't shoot it of course but I expected more since we were on some land that our neighbor rents out to the DNR (pheasent forever program). My neighbor was surprised also. We ended up empty handed but we'll try it again some other time.
  6. I was thinking about getting a bow. I would like the old fashion stuff, like what Robin Hood had, but what would be the price range on one of those. When I by some arrows for it, what kind of tip do you think I should use for shooting deer cause thats what I'll mainly hunt with it. If you would have a guess on what the price of an old fashion bow would be and what kind of tips I should use, post something. Thanks.
  7. I need to know what the best shot for pheasent would be. I have a 20 gauge and I want to try pheasent season this year, but I don't know what to shoot them with. If you have an idea, post something. Thanks.
  8. I was thinking about getting a Coon dog and shoot some coons when season comes. Is it true that you have to keep your coon dog locked up in a kenel? How would I train the dog? If you have a coon dog or know some iformation about them, post something.
  9. I'm looking for a pretty nice muzzle loader that isn't too costy. I'd like to get a original, not the new stainless steal kind. If you know any brand of muzzle loader that meets my interests, give me a couple ideas.
  10. I've seen one at school. My science teacher invited in a snake catcher. He catches Minnesota snakes and he only finds them in the SE part of MN. He taught us all about the snakes and how they catch/tag the snakes. It was pretty cool.
  11. Post deleted by Monster Buck
  12. Does it make sence to invest on a 410 over-and-under that shoots 22 and 410 shots to hunt rabbits, coons, and small game or just a 410 pump, break, ect?
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