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    UH OH

    dtro...Not to steal your topic...But,Hey Boilerguy what is a superheater safe end smash?It sounds awesome. Thanks,Ding
  2. I saw a just what you need for sale along the hiway this weekend.Someone had mounted a reel mower on the front axle of a bike.Looked like a lot of work but ride your bike and mowe the lawn all at once.
  3. I run a 06'60HP tiller e-tec.I posted back when to say that other than a chafed wire bundle under the hood and getting the correct prop things are fine now.A friend of mine had a power head problem on a e-tec 225 when they first came out.Since the repair he has had no more issues.Of the e-tec owners I know thats the only power head problem.No way are there tons of problems.
  4. The 680 would have more v than an Alaskan I would think.I see the 90'model 680T is 800lbs not 1050.Have you tried doing a search here or on some other sites.I've seen more info on this.If the shop will let you try several props that would be a learning experience on what does what.Good luck.Let us know how it turns out...
  5. Mn Fats, Yes,Ranger and glass.I think the hull weight is 1050lbs.A little over 16.5'length.The shop I bought the engine from didn't seem to push a tach.Several people I talked to since recommend one.With me and gear I see 31 plus on the gps speedo.I've seen other posts and that speed seems to be close give or take a little.
  6. Well I remembered to look at the prop this weekend.I put a 60hp e-tec on my 1990 680T in 2006.I don't have a tach on this boat.With the new motor and the prop size suggested I had an awesome hole shot but lost top end.I don't remember the original prop size.After running the boat on the river with a lap top hooked up the shop ended up putting a 13.25x17 on.Runs fine now.They did say I should add the system check with a tach.Maybe when the prez sends out the economic jump start checks I'll look into a tach.
  7. So if flexing is a myth?What gets you better performace out of using a SS prop?I'm a river guy and never ran a SS prop due to the price...just wondering?
  8. I started out on an Arctic Cat mini bike back in the early 70's.Several bikes later I'm now riding a Honda XR650L.Seems like all roads in SE MN end up along the Mississippi.Great riding on both sides of the river. mjhowe...how about some of them picks of the trip to the NWT.
  9. I've got two seasons on my E-tec 60hp tiller.So far so good.I would think the 40 would be no different than the 60.I'm planning on picking up a jon boat and will put a 40 e-tec on that.
  10. That would be considered "HOLDING"in any penalty book.
  11. A few row trollers in northern Wisconsin still tow them around on accasion.Put some weight on them and go deep.
  12. I've been on Lac Seul out of Hudson.Never been on Abrams or Minnitaki.Is the chute you talk of between these two lakes?If so how does one get to Minnitaki if the water is low in the chute?
  13. Its been a few years.We camped on the islands mainly on the east side of the flowage.Not sure why,we just ended up there.Several good sites to choose from.As with other boat to campsites,the best go fast so plan accordingly.We waited till after labor day for less crowd.The one downer was having gas siphoned(sp)out of our truck one night back at the landing.A DNR person at the landing said we were not the only ones ripped off.No damage,just missing gas.I'd like to get back out there again.Great place in the fall.Have fun.
  14. Anyone running a 25hp four stroke tiller?I've run 2 stroke props and a jet drive.Just wondering how the 25 4stroke would work on a 16' jon boat. Thanks,Matt
  15. Whoa...the last I checked here it was Spring. gmann,I've done a couple house boat trips on Lac Seul out of Hudson.So I would say that you would feel at home on Pakwash,as it is on a river system controlled by dam as is Seul.Similiar lay of the land as they say.Yes there are rock reefs,more on the main lake.Many of them extend out alot further than you would think.Some solid,some broken rock.Back bays are sand/mud/rock bottom with weeds.The resort owners do put jugs out in the spring on MOST bad spots.The map given out at Snake Falls does a good job of showing the spots.Less trees than Seul as Pakwash is a natural lake now controlled by the dam.I've never seen Pakwash water level very as much as Lac Seul either.As for the fishing...I go in the spring and honestly believe its getting better.Talked to a guy from Wisconsin this spring that has been going to Snake Falls for over 40 yrs.He also says Pakwash is as good as ever.I'll be back.Good luck! Forgot...never haved check with GPS but the main lake is 18to20 miles or so north to south.
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