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  1. I got a dozen of the G+H floaters last year and I really think they help. Like hanson said every lone goose or pair gives us a good look even if they don't come in.
  2. I have a pair of 3mm and I still have sweat marks no matter how cold it gets and I usually wear only a pair of sweat pants. If you think they leak though try going into a dark closet and putting a flash light inside and looking for light.
  3. Chicago White Sox 3rd in MLB with $102.7 million Minnesota Twins 19th in MLB with $63.3 million
  4. My fault slick it's been a long week. The adress is [email protected] Thanks agian too I got some numbers from this weekend i can't wait to put in.
  5. Fish_Off


    I have a B&W and they get the job done, but the new color one does look good.
  6. Fish_Off

    Marcum LX-1

    Thanks Dukhnt! I went out to the minnetonka Dick's this morning and got two of them I also got an Otter sled. The small one for $28. Last one, but they had a couple of the medium and large ones left. The medium was $48 and the big one was $61. Also they had a 8 inch Jiffy Legened for $224 and a Strikematser 8inch for $160.
  7. Fish_Off

    Marcum LX-1

    Which Dick's did you go to? How many left?
  8. You know you got a dog that likes to hunt when you have to tie him to a tree in order to take a picture after the day.
  9. I've been looking for either an Otter or Viking sled on sale the past two weeks. Last year I got a Viking at wal-mart size regular for $8! But now the lowest I could find was Fleet farm for $30. Does anybody know where I can get a cheap sled or do I have to bite the bullet on this one? Thanks for any help.
  10. Price match gander with walmart $222 can't beat it!
  11. I know I can't wait. I'm going to pick up the Springer I purchased next Friday. It's going to be a long summer of working with him, but the first bird I get over him will be worth it. How many days until opener?
  12. how much does it cost to fill these sloughs? Lets say a 100 acre slough?
  13. I went out Thursday to a slough in SE Minnesota and went right through no more than a couple steps in. Continued on only to fall in agian, but this time I didn't touch bottom. I was too busy watching the dog and ended up rate by a muskrat house. I went through and thankfully grabed the muskrat house. Never felt the bottom and I was up to my arm pits. Thats the deepest I've ever gone in, but the day was still a success we got 3 birds and should've had our fourth only to miss him when we were no more than 50 yards from the truck.
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