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  1. Deitz good job with the win. Did you catch them deep or shallow?
  2. fishn


    Ive caught them down in Iowa. Just throw anything that resembles a baitfish and you should hook into them. They fight like a whitebass on steriods. Once they hit hang on cause theyll peel line like crazy. Biggest Ive caught was around 12lbs.
  3. It happened on one of the hottest days of the summer in July. The fish werent cooperating for us. We fished weedlines, points, humps and docks with an occasional twelve incher. At about 1pm we decided that nothing was working so might as well try and fish something we've never fished before. Searched the rod locker and took out a telescopic 7'6 extra heavy gloomis rod equipped with a revo with 50lb braid with a 1 ounce jig. This rod has been out of use due to its size and weight but today I decided to use it and punch milfoil in 3-5ft of water. Fished for an hour with nothing then all of a sudden 10-15 fish 2.5lbs-4.5lbs in a 25 yard stretch. Fished areas similar to this stretch with the same quantity and quality fish. Funny thing was we didn't see a 12 incher the rest of the day and my arm just about fell off by the time we got off the lake.
  4. Fished on Friday last week on a small metro lake. Caught 8, biggest was 20inches smallest 16inches in 3 hours all on jigs. Fish were scattered on the edges of large flats with tons of bait fish suspended out there also. Water temp was 53 degrees. Cant wait to get out again.
  5. fishn

    Docks in the fall

    Does this pattern only work when its sunny out?
  6. fishn

    Thanks NRX...

    I have the same issue with one of my nrx spinning rods too. Its still performs great but its an eye sore. I guess i will be sending it in also.
  7. I caught alot of fish on docks acouple days ago. Nothing over 3.5lbs but alot of numbers. The fish were holding to shallow docks with alot of vegetation underneath. Good luck.
  8. Nice catch. Did u catch them in stained water?
  9. The bass dont really do much damage its the northerns and muskies that do it for me. Its gonna eventually break but the terminators seems to hold up well.
  10. fishn

    Bass Photos

    Nope it is still there to fight another day.
  11. fishn

    Bass Photos

    1ounce black and blue jig in lft of water.
  12. fishn

    Bass Photos

    Here is my pb a 6.4lber caught last Saturday.
  13. fishn

    Fall fun

    I'll try to put it up later but its from a cell phone pic so the quality isnt that great.
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