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  1. As some have stated, I just bought a used boat 16' Aluminum. The trailer and boat each had a title...they ask you how much the trailer is worth...I just said $100.00 (had to pay tax on that). When they pulled up the Serial# on the trailer, they said it had a lifetime license which just transfers. Make sure you have title, if there is one or else they won't do anything for you. Then you have to go and get the title, and the seller has to find it...could take a long time.
  2. My IFINDER Hunt takes forever to connect to satellites also...I called Lowrance last week and the guy said that it shouldn't be doing that... So he gave me a RA#...I just sent it back to Lowrance so hopefully they can figure it out.
  3. Has anyone used or seen a Hunting Tree Saddle? It looks like a really good idea...at least it's not as heavy to carry around then a climber or a portable. I saw one on Bass Pro Shops...Was thinking about getting one. Just wanted some opinions.
  4. Up there during the Memorial Weekend... Fished a spot across from the Casino...A Spirit Lake Conservation Officer stopped by and told us that we were fishing on Indian Reservation and that we needed a License (Forgot what he called it) from the Casino in order to fish on the reservation. He said it was $14 or $17. He also said that all we had to do was buy that license and fish all of Devils Lake without a North Dakota License. He said he was going to ticket us $100.00 each for not having a license...We convinced him to not give it to us at least. We had purchased our ND Licenses a
  5. You should consider taking it to Strikemaster and have them take a look at it. I actually had the same problem this year...mine happened like 6 times. Brought it in to 3 different shops to get fixed, they fixed it and said everything should be fine each time. I just came back from Big Lake, Stikemaster said my coil pin(?) was bad and needed to be replaced. They fixed it for me for $10.00 All it cost me was the gas to drive up there...They also did a couple of adjustments on my Carb to make it run better. I spent about $80 in charges at local shops(Time and Labor) getting mine fixed that
  6. Thank you...you just saved $ 80.00 plus tax. I purchased a LX-5 from Sportsman's Warehouse in Coon Rapids on Saturday... Just called to see if they price match...They were very reluctant but after some persuasian about how I would gladly return their unit to them and purchase a new one for $399 they finally gave in and said for me to bring my receipt in and they will match the price. Again thanks for saving me the $ 80 or so bucks...
  7. Is there that much of a difference to get the LX-5 for $475.00? I'm planning on getting the LX-3 at Dick's Sporting Goods that is on Sale, but am wondering if I should just add the extra cash for the LX-5. Is it worth the extra $200 or so dollars? Thanks for any info.
  8. Can anyone help me out here... I have a 2 1/2 year old Gas Auger... This year I have not been able to finish cutting One hole without it dying. It usually takes about 10-20 pulls before the Auger will start up and then as soon as I start cutting the auger will die. Takes a bunch of pulls to get it started again...then as soon as it starts cutting and gets stuck the motor seems to shut off. Is it something with the powerhead? I changed the Spark Plug this year, Changed brand new oil/gas mixture... When I changed the Spark Plug I did notice oil in the hole where the Spark Plug is screwe
  9. I was at Cabelas Last Weekend (12/3) and the guy I spoke with said it would be a couple of weeks before the any of the Marcum Camera come out. I was almost tempetd to purchase a Aqua View...But I thought I'd wait a week or two more.
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