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  1. I've used a standard perch-colored original floating Rapala for many years now and caught 100's of pike on it, including a nice 40" fish in Canada. The only thing I've had to do is replace straightened hooks and split rings. I've even had teeth left in the lure after the catch!
  2. Hoffer, I used one of the bass size chatterbaits (white/white) on Lac Seul and caught both northern and walleye with it. Oddly enough I didn't catch any bass with it at all. The northern seemed like they were really angry at it when they hit it. I even had a nice 22" walleye come out of the weeds and strike it like a northern would. Like Chris said, it sure wouldn't hurt to try it. Good luck! Regards, CH47
  3. This is from the Ontario MNR HSOforum. It's an excerpt from their regulations and halfway through there are tips for packing your fish with pictures too. Either a patch or whole skin is OK. If you are going somewhere other than Ontario I would check their regs. http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/198219.pdf
  4. KTroller, I don't know if this will help or not because we fish the SW section. But for smallies we mainly target them in the evening (6-7pm in late June). We find rocky bays and cast #7 silver/black shad raps as close to shore as possible. We do really well and most of the ones we catch are 18-20". When the bite is really on I like to use topwaters just because its much more fun. I've used several other bass baits but the shad rap is by far the most effective of the stuff I've used. Good Luck.
  5. We fish out of Mahkwa every year and have only seen two muskies in 12 years around there. I've targeted them a few times but only caught Pike. Granted they were some nice pike. I believe the Muskies are concentrated more to the east. You won't be disappointed with the walleye but if you are really hoping for a muskie you might be. You'll still have a great time. Regards,
  6. I'm not sure exactly where, on the lakeshore, Moosehorn is but judging from the driving directions it is well East of Vaughan Lake. I'm sure it would be quite a boat ride. Regards,
  7. The weather was unpredictable. We never got chased from the lake or anything but there was never a pattern established. The first day was 90+ degrees and breezy, 2nd it drizzled all day in the 70's. The third day was very windy but the wind blew from every direction during the course of the day with temps in the mid 70's. The daily weather reports posted at the camp office were not correct. They seemed to be a day and a half off. They were just print-outs from the Weather Canada HSOforum. No complaints here though. Snow or heat, it's still beats being at the office.
  8. Thanks. I'll have to give that a try next year.
  9. How do you guys break their necks? We usually smack 'em on the head with an old hatchet handle.
  10. Just returned from our yearly trip. Water levels still about 3 feet low but rising. Make sure to give all points a wide berth at speed. We saw lots of prop and lower unit damage on other boats while we were there. The ramp at Archie's Landing was fine but there wasn't a dock next to it this year. There were a couple of shallow docks up the shore a bit on either side. Water temps ranged from the mid-50's in the main lake areas to the lower 70's in the shallow bays. For walleyes we actually did best with leeches this year. Crawlers were also good. Minnows and artificials were the least effective for us. We found them in small bunches in 15 to 5 FOW. A lot of good 17.5" fish as well as many in and above the slot. Our largest was 'small' this year at 25" Northerns were active as well. As usual you could throw just about anything but my personal favorite lure this year was a 6" Grandma lure in the perch color, until I broke the lip off of it that is....The biggest pike on our trip were a 42" and a fat 18lb 44". Smallies were good this year on the rocks in the evenings. On our last night we hit a good pocket of them and caught about 10 all in a half hour with some walleyes and pike thrown in. The smallies were from 17 - 19". Game Wardens were around camp (Mahkwa) all day on our first day and checked us twice. First time I've ever seen them in 12 years. They busted one group for having too many fish, not sure on the details but the fine was $250 EACH. Most of the bait shops and restuarants weren't even giving exchange rates. Simply going one-for-one with the USD. You'd be best off exchanging a few bucks here in the states for that type of stuff. Regards,
  11. Vaughan usually opens on June 13th and I don't think the regs have changed on Lac Seul this year. What's great about the area is that most times you can have people jig on one side of the boat and others cast towards shore on the other side and all will be catching fish. Something for everyone. You might want to take a few bass-sized topwaters for the evenings. The topwater smallies at the end of the day can be really fun if you hit it at the right time. Usually between 6-8 pm. Last year I even had a perch come out of the weeds and hammer, yes, I said hammer, a tandem spinner bait I was tossing for northerns. It happened right at the boat. Pretty comical.
  12. Scott, We'll miss each other by a week. We're the 11th-17th. We mainly fish shoreline structure. We jig or lindy for walleyes and cast for everything else. Mostly 1/8th oz jigs in bright colors tipped with minnows or crawlers. There are plenty of rocks, sand, and weedbeds to choose from. I understand that the water level is below normal this year so take it slow and you should be OK. It's amazing how you can be tooling along in 30+FOW and all of a sudden see a boulder just below the surface. Not to mention any floating logs. We rarely travel more than a few miles from camp mainly because we don't have to. If we do go farther it's just for a change of scenery. Our longest trip is when Vaughan Lake (fish sanctuary) opens. We'll cover that whole area on the day it opens. I'll make sure and post a report when we get back.
  13. Scott, I know where it's at now. The guy who runs that used to work at Mahkwa I think. I can't remember his name. You'll want a map for the Southwest section of Lac Seul. Vaughan Lake and Lost Lake should be mentioned somewhere in the map description. I found a decent one online. I can't remember what site but the map has Explorer Series in the title. It was fairly cheap too. It's a good map for basic navigation but the depth contours are limited. Hopefully if you can't find one locally the lodge will have a good one for the area. I know Mahkwa does. Our group goes up in a couple of weeks. We've never been disappointed yet. Regards,
  14. Scott, I have not stayed at LSA but have been staying at Mahkwa for many years now. I'm not even sure where LSA is. There aren't many lodges in that area. If you have a question about the lodge itself I can't help but as far as fishing in the general area I can certainly give you my 2cents. Regards,
  15. CH47


    When I was in Iraq the AVERAGE daily temp in July was 115. The hottest we recorded was 148. I'll never complain about the heat here anymore.
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