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  1. WOW, THAT'S GREAT!!! excellent work redogman. I too constructed a set of outriggers for the canoe, but made them removable, so when i wasn't stationary they could be picked up and placed in the boat for easier paddling/motoring. they are definitely a help for stability, but can be cumbersome and get in the way. just like redogman, they're made of boat bumpers (easy to find, cheap, durable)
  2. I converted my solo trips from a canoe to a kayak. The difference is staggering. I mounted a couple of rod holders, because we all know no trip to the BWCA is complete without a few snakes and smallies on the end of your line! I've made two trips in a 16 foot touring/sea kayak. It's a bit smaller than most sea kayaks, but was much cheaper too (off hsolist). You can pack tons of gear, of course not in your typical Duluth Pack, but still enough for a 2 week trip if it's required. Ease of paddling is without comparison, kayaks GLIDE across the water with very little effort. Portaging was more simple as well, as I could store things in the kayak's compartments while trekking through the woods. Highly recommended
  3. were you fishing pinks in michigan?
  4. Shop for a different QB. Brees is nice, but somebody like K Collins may have about the same value and provide more fantasy points. If not, try improving WR's and gambling on a guy like J Harrington or E Manning. With Leftwich there, at least you'd have a bit more of a sure bet.
  5. Read an article in the recent Outdoor Life magazine about the salmon runs on the St. Mary's river in Seault St. Marie, Michigan and was intrigued. Apparently the runs are the best salmon runs outside of Alaska and if the St. Mary's gets crowded, nearby rivers produce the same fishing. I'm thinking about heading out there this September, wondering if anybody else has ever fished these fall runs and what they were like?
  6. Last fall under the Demers bridge I brought in 2 pike and 4 smallies in a 2-day period. I was using cranks and flashy spinners targeting those fish, not the cats. Somebody I talked to at Cabelas said that he's brought in 15# pike from under that bridge, said they're few and far between, but pretty big once you hook into em. Mine were both less than 30", but pike nonetheless
  7. sounds great...have you been catching any smallies or pike recently?
  8. In addition to Culpepper and Moe William's size being nice on the goal line, Mewelde Moore has always had nice moves and could be used for screen plays in the red zone as well. It should be pretty even coverege in the redzone now with Wiggins, Robinson, Burleson, Bennett, Daunte and our other rb's all needing tight D so lots of room to move for the receivers.
  9. earlier this summer i was traveling through wisconsin and stopped to fish a great looking river at a spot in the city of pulcifer. from what i remember it was the oconto river. this stretch in pulcifer looked like a very fertile spot with rocks all over the place small channels in the slack water portions of the river and the water was moving at a pretty good pace. has anybody fished this section or any other part of the oconto? in the short time i stopped i was only able to pull in 2 smallies each no more than a pound, but nice fights in the current. how does everybody else do?
  10. one tricked i accidentally stumbled upon when experimenting with salmon once has turned out to be one of my favorites. use your favorite marinade, anything works as long as it's not too spicy or intense. then put the salmon (or any mild fish for that matter) on aluminum foil. cut a red apple in half and place on top of the filets. if you want, stabbing the filet with a fork a couple times lets the juices of the apple soak in even more. then put the salmon, aluminum foil and apple onto the grill at a low heat. when you flip the fish, re-position the apples on the top side while trying not to drain too much of the juices sitting in the foil. it's easy and in combination with the right spices makes a great meal
  11. haven't fished cats in grand forks since june. last day fishing before i left for the summer caught some pretty solid ones near the demers bridge. how's action been in the red and red lake rivers? anything else biting? i know smallies were starting to heat up early june too, what's the bite been like with them too?
  12. tice has always had a great deal of trust in bennett, unfortunately. i like bennett, but in tice's words "every year bennett has the ability to be a 1600-1800 yard back with numerous 40+ yard td runs". so even if he gets injured again this year (knock knock), tice will probably urge the team to resign.
  13. I agree, it could be trouble if we make trades with the intent of improving one season. However, look back and Lohse had one good year with the Twins (14 wins i believe). Same with Mays, (17 wins). Romero has always been a solid reliever, pushing closer but fortunately we haven't had the need recently to fill that roll. However, 12 teams have contacted romero and the twins requesting a trade for him this year. The best and most realistic offer...washed up 3B Bill Mueller from the bosox. He also had one good year where he came out of no where to lead the league in BA. Mueller has to be about 34-36 yrs old compared to Soriano's 29. Both play solid defense but Soriano has double the numbers of Mueller and way more playing time left in his career. Yes, we lose 2 more pitchers if we acquire soriano, but I think calling up 2 of our better AAA SP's would bring about the same result as putting mays or lohse on the mound.
  14. The Twins need of solid hitting has been discussed in detail in everything from ESPN's baseball tonight to entire half hour segments on KFAN 1130 recently. The latest rumor is a trade sending Lohse, Mays and JC Romero to Texas for all star 2B Alfonso Soriano. Currently he's batting .284 with 25 homers 70 rbis and 20 sb's. In addition he is an amazing defender as well. Is he the answer for the Twins slumping season or is that package too much to give up for one player? The hurdle the Twins might not be able to handle is his $7.5 million contract. Although Soriano is 29 years old, would it be safer to go after an older and cheaper player like Phil Nevin of the Padres or Mike Lowell of the Marlins? Or should we scratch the season and not make any championship chasing moves and get ourselves into a hole we can't get out of?
  15. pllwft

    state record

    After hearing about the "new state record" bass, I called the DNR fisheries department in an attempt to track down the real story on this fish. After being transfered through about 5 DNR people, I got to the woman who handles all of the state fishing records and the paperwork that goes along with them. She said the only record that had been broken recently was the green sunfish about 2 weeks ago (from when I called which was about 2 weeks ago). I don't believe the new bass record is true, until they get it, it's all a story.
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