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  1. AaronM

    Aluminum vs Fiberglass on Shield Lakes

    I live on LOTW - no issues when camping or beaching my glass boat at the Angle. All of my camping areas use a sandy bay to moor overnight; not difficult to find up there.
  2. AaronM

    Electric Blower Motor Repair

    Thanks much for the recall information - I'll double check the numbers. I am located in Warroad, not comfortable doing this myself. Willing to ship if need be. Not sure how to verify if this would be part of the recall.
  3. I have a motor that went out on my fan/blower on my Bryant Heat Recovery Ventilator. Are there any recommendations for a business in Minnesota that could repair this for me? It sounded as if the bearings were squealing, but at 15 years old, it might be due for a professional to take a look at it. I do not have anyone locally that can help. Thank you - Aaron
  4. Hello! I just purchased a CVA Optima, and would appreciate some direction getting started with purchasing powder, sabbots, cleaning supplies, etc. Is there a particular brand of powder pellets I should purchase? Are two pellets per load the norm? What about primers? Anything I need to look for? Sabot weight? Finally, cleaning supplies - brand? The cleaning process I am also unfamiliar with. It sounds as though most people wet swab, then dry swab after one shot. After doing this, does the barrel need Barrel Butter or similar? Or can I swab and reload? I currently do not have a peep or front ring. Needed? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all, Aaron
  5. AaronM

    Garage Door Adjusting

    Thanks for the help. I did as reddog suggested - there were not any apparent binding issues. I went back to the up and down adjustment, and they ended up being able to solve my problem. My down adjustment took about 20 turns to correct. Up to this point, I had been doing the recommended half turns - wasn't even close. Thank you!
  6. AaronM

    Garage Door Adjusting

    I have been having issues with my garage door & opener. As my garage door nears the down position, it puts a tremendous amount of force on the rail that the opener rides on, bending it down. What adjustments do I need to make to correct this? I have tried toying around with the disconnect arm bolt positions, but I can't seem to get it correct. Any ideas? Aaron
  7. AaronM

    Timer for hydronic floor system

    Will that have a daily timer function?
  8. I have an outdoor wood boiler for my split level home. The upstairs is forced air, and the basement is hydronic floor heat. The floor heat is hooked through a dial thermostat that activates the pump. I want to fill my wood on a schedule and not have my thermostat kicking in at odd times. Is it possible to replace the thermostat with a timer so daily I can have consistent wood burns?
  9. This might be best as a separate topic, but here it goes. If I live in Northern MN and am looking for quick growing wind breaks for my home, what are my options? 5 acre lot - not the best soil. It would be a plus if the plantings could produce some type of berry or nut for wildlife.
  10. AaronM

    Well Cap

    Thank you all - will get it fixed and tested as soon as the weather permits. Appreciate the help!
  11. AaronM

    Well Cap

    Thank you for the reply. So I needn't worry of any type of contamination issues? It sounds like it should be a fairly straightforward fix.
  12. AaronM

    Well Cap

    In this most recent snow storm, I had a friend come and plow my driveway. In the process, the well cap was run over. The plastic PVC pipe was broken off to ground level. The wiring is still intact. So far, there is no loss to water pressure; everything seems to be working okay. I have stuffed the top of the pipe to prevent anything from going down, and have covered that with a bucket. Now, what are my options to fix? Can it be a DIY job, or what type of professional should I be calling? Any idea of cost estimates to fix? Thank you for any help.
  13. AaronM

    1992 Polaris 350 4x4 ATV Carb help

    Got it all back together - idles nice now. It will still occasionally get up to speed ~35 MPH, lose power until it drops to ~20 MPH, then get going again. Almost seems like it boggs down. Any ideas? New spark plug, new gas.
  14. AaronM

    1992 Polaris 350 4x4 ATV Carb help

    You guys are both awesome. I'll be back once the kit gets in as I'm sure I'll have questions after that. Thank you!
  15. AaronM

    1992 Polaris 350 4x4 ATV Carb help

    Thanks much - just ordered the kit. The "black thing" that I was wondering about is in picture three, and I believe it is the bowl vent (as you mentioned, the piece I found is probably supposed to be attatched there). Now that we've identified where it goes on the carb, where is the other end supposed to connect to? Thank you!