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  1. That's a great looking dog! The dog I saw in my neighborhood doesn't look anything like your dog, and I saw it again and it's definitely a male. But, I will keep my eyes open. I wish you the best in finding her! I hope all goes well!
  2. PeteS- I saw a "reddish-colored" lab in my neighborhood recently, but I'm pretty sure the dog was a male. I'm not 100% positive it was a male, as it was about 50ft or so away. Can you describe the dog in more detail? It's probably not your dog that I saw, as I live on the East Side of St. Paul, but I figured I'd ask. I will keep an eye out for it again. I hope you get her back safely! Paul
  3. Inthehollow- Do you have an email address? I may have some suggestions and/or ideas for you.
  4. I will contact you through your HSOforum! Thanks! Paul
  5. I would be interested in training birds as well, if anyone knows where I could get some. Thanks!
  6. Hey Barony- Have you considered electric radiant heating for your home? Geothermal systems are excellent, but very costly. Electric radiant heating is just as efficient, but a fraction of the cost. I personally know of a few people who have these systems in their home (new construction and existing homes) and really love the efficiency and cost.
  7. Thanks for the wealth of information on this! One of my friends has a golden retriever who has had a couple of seizures. He didn't know that there is medication for this, if it is a form of epilepsy and not tumor-related. Any idea on the approximate cost for medication? Thanks for the help!
  8. ts_hunter, do you have an email address that I can send you some information on a type of heating that might interest you?
  9. As far as I know, in MN you do not need a back-up heat source, however most power companies in MN will give you a discounted "duel-fuel" rate if you have an electric heat source and a gas heat source. I'm not an energy expert, but I don't believe you need to have a back-up source.
  10. I recently got a new black lab pup, and now he's 9 weeks old. Does anyone have suggestions on when to start working with him on retrieving. I will primarily hunt pheasants with him. I have heard different responses in the past-- to start as early as possible, or to wait until he's about 4 months.
  11. I am also interested as well. I am looking for a male black lab pup around Christmas. MNpurple, if I hear of anything for me I will keep you posted...if you could do the same that would be great! [email protected]
  12. My black lab, Casey, got Lyme's Disease when he was about 6 years old. It ended up being really serious. He couldn't walk at all or get up when he laid down. I carried him to the vet, and within a week he was almost back to his old self. He recovered well enough that he lasted until he was 14.5 years old!! I had him out in the cornfields hunting pheasant up until last winter too. I, however, just had him put away last week, unfortunately. If you catch the disease early enough, they will recover just fine. They might have some hip/joint problems later in their life, though. For the most part the dog becomes his/her old self again. Best of luck!!
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