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  1. I didn't get drawn this year so I am going with my bow the last 2 seasons. My season is May 16-29th. If anyone has hunted this season can you give me some strategies and tips to help me bag a gobbler with my bow, Thanks.
  2. Harvey Lee, look at this baby. Hunted almost every single night since opener. Sat through rain and wind and some of the most skeeter infested woods that you'd ever seen. Tonight was my night. After passing on a few forks and 6 point baskets I place my Rage mecahnical just behind the shoulder on a 1/4 away shot. 32 yard shot. Huge entrance. Nice nine pointer with some nice split brow tines. Equipment used, Martin Bengal, Carbon Express Terminator, Rage 2 blade mechanicals, Lumenok lighted arrow nock. p.s. thanks for the sweet rod. I'm gonna lay the smack down on some slabs with that baby this winter.
  3. My wildview 2.0 last about 3 1/2 weeks in the summer and 3 days in the winter. Ive had it out for the last 2 years almost straight. Its starting to act up though and is really slow now. So I think im going to replace it with a moultrie 4.0.
  4. I would go with a nikon prostaff 3-9. They are the same quality as luepolds and are 1/2 the price.
  5. I will be shooting the 2 blades this year. The only negative thing I have ever heard about them is that they sometimes come open in your quiver. But its worth it IMO.
  6. The bow itself was $399 and with everything $700. It shoots just as good as bows that cost $1000+ just for the bow.
  7. Martin Bengal #60 27" Cooper John Dead nuts 2 Carolina Whisker Biscuit Rage 2 Blade Broadheads Carbon Express Terminator arrows 2" Blazers 20 yard group
  8. Ive got 58 so far. I had 14 gophers outta 18 traps tonight!
  9. We sat in a wooded revein surrounded by fields and the coyote came across one of the fields righ to us. 125 yards shot.
  10. Harvey lee that was actually the second shot. The first shot just grazed its spine and blew a huge hole in its back then it started crawling away so we put 1 more in him an that one left a huge hole too. The coyote had been rubbing so the hide wasn't that great anyways. It was awesome to call one in and shoot it!
  11. Me and a buddy got up at 6 this morning and went out calling. On our fist set my friend called in this young female and shot it!!! [image][/image]
  12. End of the line were did you get the price for that scope? At cabelas they are $300 sounds like a good scope though I'll definately look into it.
  13. I mounted it when I first got it and it was shifting all the time so I figured it was how I mounted it. So I took it to Cabelas and had them Locktite it. I was using my Bipod and a backpack for a rest. I think im just going to buy a 3-9 for $100. I dont want to pay more for a scope than I paid for the entire gun. Plus I dont have the money. Hopefully I get it going soon so I can lay some coyotes out with my .223.
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