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  1. Are yous specifically looking to salt the minnows, or just looking for a way to preserve them? When ice fishing on trout lakes, I've learned that pouring a bottle of isopropyl alcohol into the minnow bucket does quite a job of "instant euthanasia" which enables the fisherman to possess legal minnows on the trout lake. Minnows can now be salted or frozen however you'd like.
  2. I agree with the idea of "just bring it along anyway." I keep mine with my ice fishing stuff no matter what. I mean, do you have to store it way up in your attic or someplace, so it is a major inconvenience to get it out when it's needed? Or do most of the people that post the question, not own one? HCRider
  3. Let's just say I'm willing to accept the risk of theft or vandalism. I live on a lake where I can see the fishing spot, my neighbors would see it, etc. And the lake is almost always free of other anglers...no one fishes it, for whatever reason. I guess they don't know that it can be pretty good fishing. My primary concern is the house blowing away in a strong wind, and alternately freezing into the ice. HCRIDER
  4. I'd like to set up my portable and use it like a permanent, it's a Clam 6800 and I'd like to leave it out for a few weeks in the same spot. What do I need to do to keep it in place? Perhaps more importantly, how do I keep it from freezing into the ice? I was thinking about a "sacrificial" wooden base that would go underneath it. HCRIDER
  5. hcrider

    Tripod Stands

    Has anyone here ever used a freestanding tripod stand? I haven't actually been in one, but would like to know from others that have. My hunting property is in a clearcut area, there are very few decent trees on which to put a traditional stand, hence the tripod option. How stable is the stand, and also how difficult is the setup? HCRider
  6. On face value, if you read the DNR's web page (the link provided by Captjon and quoted by WxGuy), you would think that all that money collected from the sale of trout stamps is diverted straight into a fund for trout and salmon. And then one assumes that you can have enough faith in your state government to not distribute the funding unfairly. I guess if I'm reading Matthothand and Captjon correctly, they are calling into question these notions. I agree, it's hard to know exactly how that money is being used unless some type of audit were done. I would be interested in seeing that audit! That's HC's view anyway.
  7. Just about every other state around Minnesota allows more than one line per angler. I don't think it should matter if you use 1 line or 20 lines. But honestly, I think 2 or 3 lines per angler is completely legitimate. Especially for trolling for lakers, etc. I'd like to see more people sign that petition. HCRider
  8. Didn't someone have a post on here a while back about this same topic, they had an online petition started too.
  9. Another thing to keep in mind, is that with limited parking at many accesses, if you let the guy pull his boat out ahead of putting yours in, you will likely gain a parking spot. HC
  10. hcrider

    How to make cowbells

    Look for the "Les Davis Cowbell" in stores, or on-line. I believe the Les Davis company is now owned by Luhr-Jensen. In fact, now that I checked, go to their HSOforum and you can order online for about $13 each. I see them in stores for about $8-10.
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