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  1. Will be at a resort on N end of Osakis till Sat AM. Have a Son in Law who would really like to catch a Northern and a walleye. Fishing has been slow for me. Picked up some nice bluegills and 1 smaller northern. So far I have worked a 'Food Shelf' in 6 - 12 fow with cranks and spoons. Lindy rigged in various depths. Slip bobbered w/leeches. 3 way/bottom bouncer with night crawlers. Right now I am wide open to suggestions! I have fished past dark as in 9:30 or later. thanks you, Heuy
  2. HEUY

    Snap Swivels

    You can use a split ring if you don't like snap swivels. They weigh less and add some extra action to the lure.
  3. I tie my own slip knots and if I want to I can get them tight enough were they will NOT move. Do a few more turns and pull the tight with 2 pliers. It will work on mono to the effect the line will be pinched which is not good for the 6# mono I normally use for leaders. I am not sure about commercial knots as I haven't bought any for 15+ years. I use candy sticks to wrapped my knots on. Often get 6+ per stick.
  4. Dumb question? Does chlorinated water hurt/kill leeches? What about the ice cubes? Same with worms?
  5. I will almost always put some Dacron backing on my reels. Ideally I get the right amount so that 100 yds of my choosen line will finish filling up the spool. Especially with braided line which takes up so little space a filler underneath it helps. I have also used the black eletricians tape to bulk uo the spools also. I will leave the dacron on a spool for years and have had no problems with it. This way it costs me much less to put fresh line on and me being a cheap so & so I am more apt to change line when I should.
  6. I would use a snap on style weight to get a lure to go deeper. I'm too cheap to buy the real thing so I just made some up myself. Especially with spinners they work well. I don't use 3 ways or bottem bouncers anymore. Sometimes it is nice to run only 50 ft of line with a 3 oz weight to get a crankbait to go s\as deep as you want it to. Helps if you are trolling along some sharper corners.
  7. I have never done this, but some people will drag a length of chain to held slow the drift. It might be noisy? to the fish. Normally you can find drift socks fairly cheap if you look enough and stay away from the more expensive brands.
  8. Wondering what diameter or # test that others use to make solid wire leaders. Also what are thoughts on length? I have made my own for years and recently went to solid wire because of the confidence factor. Have also made some 18# wire braid I use on walleye lures that have a good chance of being hit by a Nothern or Muskie.
  9. August 1 week I saw several fishermen wading with spinning rods south of Mitchell. Assume they were after small mouth bass. That is not too far from Satceyville.
  10. HEUY


    Dotch It is not a joke! Here in IOWA we had a person on they're own lawn driving a lawnmower and get nailed for an OWI. He had a CDL liscense also. BAD Deal! I'm not in favor of drinking and driving, but I've just had 2 beers and maybe I shouldn't be allowed to try to opererate a computer? But do not drink and drive! That can affect other people than yourself which in my mind is wrong. As long as your actions do not adversely affect others I have a live and let live attitude, but is what you do affects me adverselly, than I am NOT happy.
  11. I picked up a little red book of knots and learned a lot about super braid knots that I never knew before. I've always doubled my line when using a SB line and never had problems, but I try to use Western Filament line. An article I read tested quite a few brands and that one came out on top. Sorry if this sounded like a commercial, but you should be getting close to 90% on your knots if you are doing things right.
  12. HEUY

    Hot Weather!

    One thing I've done is to go to heavier line so the fidgting part would be less time. Several years back I worked for close to 30 min to revive a sublegal muskie for a boatmate using 8# line in July. The fish did not make it! Any pointers you can tell me to reduce that happening in the future will be appreciated!
  13. Check out DUCKHUNTER.NET. It will have a lot of good ideas. Look under boats & blinds and do a search if needed.
  14. HEUY


    What does everyone think of the new plastic worms instead of the regular, somewhat difficult to keep healthy nightcrawlers? And do you have a favorite color? Thanks!
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