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  1. Thanks, I think I will try that approach. Something scares me about pulling apart the furnance when it's a sleeper house... I will explore more
  2. I have an 30,000 BTU empire furnace for my 6.5 x 14 King Crow. I had mice build a nest in it. I cleaned it out the best i could. The problem is the furnace isn't working to its full capability, only one of the burners is working, the other side wont stay lit. The pilot will work, but evenuatlly goes out. Do i bring it to a local heating guy? Do i take it apart and clean it? Thoughts/suggestions Anyone had this problem.. Im worried if i take it apart, I will break it.. any help would be appreciated
  3. I too struggle with plastics when locating walleyes. Last year i used them on Red Lake ( you can catch walleyes on bacon strips up there, fact)and at times i was catching more walleyes than my partner's jig and minnow, about 3-1 ratio. I use live bait until i find them, then mix it up when they are biting. I just lack the confidence in starting with plastics, weird.
  4. Sorry about the pictures. We got about 10 inches yesterday. The pic's are snow covered. Please have some patience. Thanks Hopper
  5. Jason, I think having a blind draw would be best. We could seed the next year, after we have the first year results. I think I could sit at Zorbas and have some cocktails, watching the weigh-in. Maybe, it's "Zorba'z 1zt Annual Big BoyZ FiZhing Contezt!!!!!!!!!"
  6. If Gander Mountain, Reed's or Fleet Farm want to be a Corporate Sponsor, that would increase the Scholarship fund... " Gander Mountain's 1st Annual Battle of The Guides" " Reed's 1st annual Clash of Brainerd's Fishing Guides" " Fleet Farm's 1st annual Lakes Area Fishing Championship" What a great way to help the community, advertise your business and promote the area. Children benifit(scholarship), Guides benifit( business), Charities( donated money) Let's start seeding.........
  7. "The Ultimate Fishing Tourney" We get 16 area fishing guides to enter the contest for(500.00 per guide in boat,equals 8000.00 for a local charity or scholarship fund.) " The lakes area Fishing Guide Scholarship". It's a 2 day event. Saturday Gull Lake: 1st round from 8-11, weigh-in at 11am, loser eliminated, winners advance to 2nd round. Crappies, total weight. 2nd round from 1-4pm, weigh-in at 4pm loser eliminated, winner advance to Semifinals. Bass, total weight Sunday Semi-final, lake will be determined from a draw. 7-10am, weigh-in at 10am loser eliminated Northern only, total weight Finals, lake will be determined from a draw 12-5am Walleye only, total weight Winner gets to advertise for one year that he or she is locally the "Best Guide in the Lakes".... Enough fighting.....Let's get it on!!!!
  8. Everyone should have mail.... This house is still for sale....Im gonna put it out next weekend, so if you are interested you will get a tour on the lake next weekend.... Hopper
  9. Everyone should have mail...There are 3 people looking at it this weekend, so let me know if anyone else is interested... I need an email address from Hadanooner... Thanks Guys Hopper
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