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  1. I have never done that much fishing on kabetogama, namakan, or crane, but I have fished rainy quite a bit and had some luck with some nice fish. Usually when I have gone up I have found the bigger ones mainly on the rocks. Mid lake rock piles and rocky points are good spots. As far as lures go my number 1 bait for them has been a no. 14 suspending husky jerk. You also can't go wrong with crankbaits, spoons and spinners. If you spend some time throwing these baits around on the rocks you should catch some nice fish.
  2. I saw Tony Grant give a seminar about big hybrids in northern wisconsin. He talked a lot about the success he has had using pink bucktails for these big tigers and he has put a lot of nice ones in the boat. I was going to give it a try lsat season but never got around to it. Hopefully this year.
  3. What a pig! What's the girth on that fish?
  4. I will be up there on saturday. I will probably put in at Isle and try trolling some rock reefs. Hopefully I'll find tulllibes and some big muskies close behind. Does anyone know what the water temp is right now?
  5. There was a picture in the muskies inc magazine with a 41'' trying to eat a 39''. Both of the fish were dead, but it really makes you wonder what the heck those fish are thinking.
  6. For your first season of muskie fishinng, it sounds like you are doing great. I didn't catch one my first season and my second and third I only caught one. It took me a few years to actaully start catching them with some consistency. You should be glad that you're off to a great start.
  7. I'm also a power pro guy. I started using it this year and I love it.
  8. I am going to be heading up to red wing lodge in sabaskong bay next week and it will be my first time up there. Just wondering if anyone has been having any luck up there or has any tips.
  9. I fished indepoendence on saturday and managed to put a 39 incher in the boat. I missed one other one and had a few more follows. Sunday was a lot tougher though, just one follow.
  10. For as many teeth as a muskie has, I would never fish without a leader. I like to use a solid single strand wire leader for my jerkbaits. And seven strand for everything else. Anytime they start to kink up, I always replace them, don't want to take any chances on that 50 incher.
  11. I got out monday morning and had one strike on topwater. She sucked it under so quiet you could hardly know it was there. But she swam straight for the boat and there was too much slack to get a good hookset. Had two other follows. Was also out wednesday night. But I only had one missed strike. The fish were up to something else though. I saw two of them swimming with there heads out of the water. Has anyone else ever seen such a thing. I couldn't get them to look at anything. Its pretty frustrating knowing that there is one right in front of you and it won't even look at your bait. Does anyone know what these fish are doing or how to catch them?
  12. Does anyone know what baits have been working out on tonka. I haven't made it out there yet this season and I was thinking about giving it a try sometime next week.
  13. I think that a muskie stamp would be a good thing to have. Even though it wouldn't stop bass fisherman from catching a ski every once in a while, those accidental catches would have to be released. I always hate to see some old lady fishing off a dock with a forty incher on the stringer going home to the frying pan. I think that a stamp would help out with the fish getting put back in the water. But who says the fish is going to live. I think that some anglers don't know how to release fish properly. I was out fishing once and there was a couple of walleye guys who I could tell had a big muskie on, I asked them if they needed a hand with a net but they said they were fine. A couple minutes later I see them pull out a gaff. Thank God the thing broke the line before they could get a gaff in it. I would definitely support a muskie stamp but I also think that angler education is very important.
  14. There is also the Twin Cities chapter of Muskies inc. and I think that they meet somewhere in Bloomington. Maybe that will be a little closer for you.
  15. I have had the same problem with my Abu Garcia 6500 C3. I always like to oil up all of my reels before the season starts, but midseason it will start screaming again. I just take it apart and oil up all the gears. That usually takes care of the problem.
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