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  1. I was on the rush for opener as well with my dad. Fished one stretch in the am and another in the pm. A little disappointed as we only caught 3 or 4 browns, all small. Did catch around a dozen rainbows between us, keeping 3 in that 12"ish range. Maybe a hair too warm and bright for fishing, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute out there. Zelmsdawg
  2. On a slightly related note, one can choose to support or not support musky stocking in a couple new lakes. Feel like this should be getting more attention http://www.dnr.minnesota.gov/muskie/index.html Zelmsdawg
  3. Techno, I've always been curious. I love the pics shared of the rock before its picked, but in these cases are they usually coming from a pit, or a beach, maybe landscapping? Always find myself wondering what the general background of the pictures is. Thanks and nice rock
  4. I'm all for the one mounted fish to commemorate a special moment, but is there a reason why it can't be an artificial mount? Zelmsdawg
  5. Sounds like a blast! Pretty much every musky angles dream. I'm curious how one even hears about these remote lakes with rarely used portages? Did you know someone who flew in or friends in the area? Good luck next trip
  6. I've fished french on and off for ten years and the only advice I really have have is make the extra drive up to waconia/tonka if you can. That being said there are some very large fish in there, but for me personally, I'm not a fan of that lake If you want to PM me, maybe sometime in sept/oct I can take you out in my boat provided your willing to drive a bit more? Good luck
  7. Yep Was up there once and during a lull in the fishing went up by the creek and spent an hour or so finding them. Lots of fun. We didn't look in loose rock like you appear to be though, we were digging in the mud for them. But only one or two of ours were as 'crossed' as yours so maybe next time that would be the way to do it
  8. I love this science of fishing I think bill nye and the linders need to get together for a show or two
  9. I tried it once a few years ago after first hearing about it. I'm not a big troller but gave it a try for maybe 2 hours middle of a sunny day and while I didn't catch/see any muskies did catch 3 pike over 30" and each one destroyed the lure it hit
  10. I think I've seen a few used saltists go here and through other sites around 150-200. Once I saw one (right after I got mine) at 125. Think I paid around 200 for a pre-bought but in the box new one. So far its worked great, think I'm on year 4 now. The big difference for me is when I switch from my 9' heavy rod and that reel to a c3 and 7.5' rod combo. Feels like a toothpick
  11. I was a little surprised too. I think a 46 albino is much cooler than a 55. That angler is a lucky guy
  12. The sportsmans Minnesota Muskie Fishing map guide is where I started. Sure, they're all community spots but you get the map and some spots to start out with and can branch out slowly on your own as you get the feel for it
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