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  1. Heading up to Shell Lake on Saturday for a week at a rental cabin. The cabin is on the south end of the lake. Couple questions if anyone is willing to help out with: 1) Where is a good local bait shop? I know there are cribs in the lake, so I'd like to find someone who can point me in the right direction. 2) Is there a marina on the lake that has gas at the dock? 3) How's the bite been lately? Not looking for specifics, just general help. I consider myself a fairly serious fisherman, but the inlaws are not too serious. So I'm looking just to be able to put them on some fish. Thanks!!
  2. Heading to Shell Lake in August for a family vacation. Is this the right forum for this lake? Any advice on that lake would be helpful, looks like a big lake. Thanks,
  3. I am wondering if it is legal to hunt in both A and B seasons in Minnesota? I would like to hunt up north during season A and then hunt Shotguns in the south during season B. Is that possible. If so, do you have to buy two licenses? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am struggling to find anything in the regulations that address this.
  4. I will be hitting the west side of the Chippewa Flowage this weekend. Any help on location and presentation for Walleyes would be greatly appreciated. I will post our results on Monday. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just called the Canadian Border Services. The gentleman I talked to told me "you can bring as much gas as you need for your trip". I asked "So if my boat is full of gas, I can still bring....say an extra 20 gallons across the border?". His reply was "Yep" So it sounds like you can bring enough gas across to last your whole trip. Hope this helps.
  6. Quote: The rule of thumb is one tank per motor you are bringing across. When you say "one tank per motor" How many gallons is this "one tank" Just curious, I leave on Saturday morning for Ontario and would like to bring some extra gas in, but I don't want to have issues at the border. Thanks,
  7. I am heading up for my annual fishing trip with my dad and brother in a week. I am wondering if anyone has any insight on the Indian Lake Chain. This contains the following lakes (Indian (Alexandria), Forest, Whitney, Edward, Cobble, Bladder, Boulder, and Little Boulder) We target all species of fish (but focus on Muskie and Walleye)and only keep enough eater walleyes for a couple of meals. Any hints, trends would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. buzzin for bass - are you heading up to the Marcell area this summer? I will be heading up on the 23rd of June. Hopefully I can get into some muskies on Spider, we may have to take a trip over to Northstar also. We should get together and chase some muskies here in the metro.
  9. I will be hitting the flowage this weekend in search of Walleye and Musky. I'm wondering how the fishing has been, since I have not fished the flowage yet this year. No need to divulge locations, just some help with patterns, depths and technique would be appreciated. Thanks
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