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  1. I would love to see them stocked in green lake by spicer. They are already there in small numbers. I know I know I can hear they walleye guys blood starting to boil. But come on do the walleye guys get every lake in Mn? They have wrecked every good shallow duck lake in southern Mn by stocking eyes and areoateing them. Can't we have a dozen more lakes with ski's stocked in it.
  2. Well I took my 9 year old son out catfishing tonight for some flats on the Mn river. After a 1 1/2 mile driver on a 4 wheeler trail in the f 150 we got to the spot about 5:00pm. Threw out my line and started to set up the kids pole when i got a run. After a 15-20 min battle I landed my biggest flat yet. A 49 pound 2 ounce pig. About time I got bigger than 43 pounds. My boy then had a small cat mess with the bait but it dropped it. Then I noticed some dark clouds getting close. Then I got my next run and after a couple min battle I felt the hook rip out of what felt like a 20 pound fish. I no more than sat the pole down to get some bait and my boy gets a run. After some good words of wisdom I told him to set the hook. I seen his eyes get big and seen it was pulling good. 15 min later He gave us a look. Nice fish! 10 more min of fighting and I landed his second biggest flat for him a 30 pound gut with some flathead around it. A nice short fat flat. After some high fives and some hooting and hollering the wind started to blow hard. We grabed the gear and headed for the truck. No more than sat down in the truck and the rain came down. I guess it's true that the fish feed before the storm. I got some pics on the phone. I'll try to get them on here sometime. Once I figure how to get them from there to here.
  3. On a lake by alex My cousin got a 33" tiger. I missed a mid 30 and lost a mid 30. My buddie had a upper 40 hit a top water but missed. We had about 8 follows and one that just about jumped into the boat from behind us. Still don't know what that was about. We did get plenty of bass and pike. I also got a 3 and a 4 pound bass at the same time on a storm crank bait first time for that. I also got a heck of a sunburn.
  4. I don't know about public land up that way but you will be surprized how many land owners will let you hunt for yotes. I went out this year looking for a spot or two and ended up with about 20 places. I heve had people grin from ear to ear when I ask and some have offered to give me money for each one I shoot off their land. Other words ask a few people the worst thing they can do is say no. Plus this time of year most public land has been stomped though a bit.
  5. frosted rolls and beaver carcases.
  6. Seems like pup in disstres works when nothing else will.I had one last year come in to it at night. It dropped down off the river bank 10 yards from me. I never heard it coming so I almost had to clean out the shorts. At least the 870 did it's job.
  7. I shoot .243 hornady v-max bullet in 58 grains and have yet to go threw a yote. Most of the time it just leaves a bruise on the other side of the ribs. This round puts them down good.
  8. goop works good also I put some jb weld on a couple about 5 years ago and it still looks like the day I put it on. Jb holds paint better too.
  9. Hey feetdown I see you know me buy another name . As for that woody right now he is at about 300 deg. and smelling good. I would have mounted him but I already got one and I need to save room for my pintail and can that are getting done. It was a good way to start the season. I'm betting my cousin that it was banded by theif lake. Looked like a brand new band and I heard they banded some up there.
  10. Lots and lots of birds. My first shot dropped a full color drake woody. And the best part was he had a band. Good way to start the season since my last band was 20 years ago. Other wise me and my cuz ended up with 7 ducks and one honker. Ducks where bwt, gwt, wood ducks, and a gadwall. Should of filled on both but with a few bad shots and the group across from us takeing 80 yard shots we just couldn't get there. The warden even had a few not so kind words about the. I guess all they ere shooting was BBB.
  11. All I shoot for ducks is steel. Most of my shots are over decoys. But last year I went to 3" #2s heavy shot for geese. With heavey you can use a smaller shot size with more knock down and a denser pattern. I ended up with 8 geese out of a box of 10 shells. That was without having to chase a single cripple or water swating at any with just broken wings. Witch is better for where I hunt. It is public land with outher hunters on it. It just seems with steel shot on geese sometimes you can hit them with a full pattern and as long as you don't break a wing or get em in the neck or head they just keep on going. All I got to say for you guys that havn't used any before is that you will be surprized with that stuff. Just try a box of 2s or even 4s for decoying geese and you will like it. I was a non believer up until last year. Now I always have some 2s with for the bonus goose. By the way I only shot alittle over a box at geese last year. But If you are shooting 5-10 boxes it would get spendy. But in my opinion It does take less shots per bird total.
  12. wolf we got them on the edges of the reeds and over the cabbage a bit deeper and also in that sloppy stuff on the top between the two. The later they would hit just as you were getting hung up in it or pulling it over. They sure where agressive they would hit a lure so good they were almost passing them out the other side. Good luck. We probaly won't get up there till mid to late sept.
  13. Me and my cousin went up by the alex area to do allittle camping with the 2 boys and try to hook a ski. Been fishing skis for a couple years now and only gotten 5 to my name with a 41 being the biggest. My cousin has had some on but has only gotten 1 at 39". Well first night out I was casting a northland bionic spinerbait with yellow hair copper blades and a chartruse and silver flake magombo teaser. I was casting about 10 foot to the outside of the reeds trying to go around all the slop. Well the spinner bait came up to some slop that I couldn't get around so I was just starting to pull it over when it looked like a bass came up and sucked it down. So I set the hook. Was kinda surprized the bass had allittle weight but then figured it was a couple pound pike. But as it got to the boat low and behold a 37.5" ski. Thats about it that night. Next morn. took my boy (9) and my cousins boy (6) out to see if they could hook a pike or bass with spinnerbait. Of course we were still after skis. After about 20 min I looked down at ny boys spinnerbait as he brought it up to the boat and a 45-46" ski right behind it. I told him to leave it in the water and of course he lifted it out as saying why. That fish would of deff hit that bait. You could see how excited the ski was it was almost twiching with it's fins flicking and you could see it looking for the bait for a couple seconds. I would liked to see what my boy would of done if it would of hit beside the boat. He should of been able to hable it since he pulled in a 35 pound flathead cat last year. Well we got about 100 yards down shore and I seen a ripple on the surface so I chucked out my pearch salmo jerkbait got to jerks and wham hit. Set the hook and I had a jumper he jumped about 6 times out of the water. It ended up to be 40.5". Not bad. Got about 20 more yards and my cousin got a 40.25" on a purle bucktail with chart blades. About 10 more yards I had on blow up on a poes jackpot had him on for a couple secounds but got off. Maybe got 10 feet and my cousin hooked a 30.5" tiger on a yellow bucktail. Definatly not the same fish that hit the jackpot. Within anouther 75-100 yards I had 2 more 40+ fish follow up to the boat. One on a big spinnerbait and one on a orange with black spots tail propbait. Boy did he make a wake behind that. That was it for the rest of the weekend ex a couple follows. I don't know why all those fish were in that area. There was no signs of baitfish just some sparsh bulrushes with good cabbge out alittle ways. What do you guys think is the reason for them being so close together and that agresive. By the way we had to cut hooks because they all but swallowed the baits.
  14. Almost looks like a gator comeing till it gets close.
  15. I've used power pro tuff line tuff line exp and spider wire stealth. So far the only line I havn't had problems with is spider stealth.
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