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  1. I thought I would post my answers too just for fun. 1. I fish about once a week or if I can. 2. Family and friends who take it some what seriously. 3.My Dad and my Grandpa first taught me to fish. 4. Taking what I have learned and research I have done and find good fish on my own. 5. I have a few go to baits but if they don't work I will throw the tackle box at them. 6. All fishermen need to have different baits for any situation that might arise. 7. I get more satisfaction in working for my fish. 8. More action does not always mean more fish sometimes a real subdued actions works better. 9. Last one was a DT4 for specific lake and I bought three in a verity of colors. 10. No catch phrase. 11. Actually a good double entendre made me laugh. 12. None 13. More of a listener love hearing fish stories and seeing pictures but will show mine to friends and family. 14. I like to hear other people opinions but also like to see some research before making big purchases. 15. Reading In-Fisherman for about 10 years now also outdoor news.
  2. Hey guys I am helping my sister with a project by answering a few questions. She is looking for some other fishermen to answer and I thought this would be a great place to get some help. So if you could answer some questions it would be a lot of help. Just number your answers with the questions if you don't want to answer them all. Thanks for all your help. 1. How often do you fish? 2. Who do you usually fish with? 3.Who taught you how to fish? How long? 4. What's your favorite thing about fishing? 5. While fishing, do you switch baits often to find out which lure or lure action will turn on a bite? 6. Do you believe having a variety of baits in your tackle box that create different kinds of action in the water is important to having more success catching fishing? 7. Do you get more "satisfaction" from dropping in on a spot and nailing the fish right away Or do you get more satisfaction from using a variety of baits and finding just the right one to coax the fish into biting? 8. Do you think that a bait that has more action in the water will create more fish in the boat? 9. What was the last crank bait you purchased and why? (Color, action, brand, heard it was catching fish) 10. Do you have a "catch phrase" when you get a fish on? Like "Oh yea" or "fish on"-- anything crazier than that? 11. What do you think of when I say this line?--"Fisherman could always use a little more action." 12. What social media do you use? 13. Do you actually share information/pictures/video or are you more of a listener? 14. Where do you go for information about the lures (or just equipment?) that you buy? What influences your purchase most? 15. Are there any magazines that you read somewhat faithfully?
  3. I will second the Primos Original Can Call. Had a buck come trotting right at me out of nowhere last year after I let out three short bleats. I did a lot of reading before I used them, sometimes they work sometimes they have the opposite effect but I will never go out during rut without my Primos Original Can Call now.
  4. Thanks for the tips guys I think I will give it one more season.
  5. It is a Guide Gear climber from sportsmen guide. Most the slipping occurs while climbing, there is also slipping after I have reach the height I want but I think thats from not keeping presure on the seat. Its not the teeth just the straps that slip. I might try to add something like those lone wolf straps, do you clip those once your already up or are they on as you climb as well.
  6. I have been using a climber tree stand for the past two rifle seasons and I have been having trouble with it slipping. While climbing up and down the tree the straps will slip an inch or two. I always attach them so the stand is at an angle and my brother in-law uses a climber so he has tried to help but nither of us know what the problem is. When I get to my desired hight I use a ratchet strap to secure myself. I like the mobility of the climber but I don't feel safe using it and will most likely switch to a ladder stand unless anyone has some tips of how to fix this. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info guys I will make sure to post how the season goes.
  8. I started hunting about two years ago mostly upland and deer with the in-laws. I wanted to try a little turkey hunting this year. I plan on going to public lands between south metro and rochester. I don't really know what I am doing just going to get the camo on and go give it a try this year so any beginner tips would be great. I have been reading some forums and some books from the library. Thanks
  9. I had a problem like that when my wife kept letting the neighbor kids chase our puppy. She would not bring the bumper back and seemed less interested in it. I hooked her to a long lead to help her come back to me. Then we used the same bumper every time I would get her excited about it then throw it. After only three retrieves or when she looked most excited about retrieving I would put it away and we were done for the day, I could throw it more and more times after that. She still doesn't love playing fetch with a tennis ball or anything but when her bumper comes out she know exactly what to do. I also started to zip tie pheasant wings to the bumper for her. Long story short my advice is to stop when she is most excited about it that way next time that toy comes out it will be a special treat that is only used for retrieves.
  10. My 5 month lab is the same way. I have been saying ouch and yelping if she comes back again I just tap her on the nose and say NO. Seems to be working she still tries but she is a puppy so you can only expect so much. I also have the problem with the whining. I am hoping that it just a puppy thing and that she will grow out of it but it can get old.
  11. No talking of politics or work.
  12. Hey SteveD I have one of those to help jump starts when needed. Where did you get the power converter and how long does it last. I am trying to make a light bar using LED, a computer fan, and small speakers on the sides with an AM/FM radio.
  13. I just put my Wild 1 together and can't wait to take it out one the ice. I bought it because it is huge for a one man. My brother in-law and me can both fit inside and we are not small guys. So it will be roomy by myself and a little tight when I take some one with.
  14. I just bought a the Team Wild 1 by otter at fleet farm for $270. The price is cheaper but the quality is still very good. It is advertised as a one man but it is big enough for me and my brother in-law, and we are not small guys. So if your fishing by your self it is a big one man or a little tight but do able for two.
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