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  1. Does anyone know of a good front end/ suspension shop in the north metro? I live in East Bethel, and need my wife's 2008 Nitro checked out. Thanks for any info in advance.
  2. Rivernut

    Gonna try it again...

    LOL....Maybe open water then. Congrats and hope all goes well. Take care
  3. Rivernut

    Gonna try it again...

    Due to injuries, I' m going to try and get back into ice fishing again..Also recently moved to East Bethel. If anyone would like to go out on the ice, let me know. Have my own stuff. Went out on mille lac in a permanent shack, once each of the last two years. Neck/shoulder are ready for some fishing. I know this is hard to understand, but none of my buddies like to ice fish.... I know, right. Let me know if you are interested, You can text @763 234 0638. I have been out with a few fmers in the past. Tunervir can vouch for me, I am not Jeffry Dahmerlike. Thanks guys/gals, good fishing..
  4. Rivernut

    What lb. line for icing Sunnies and Perch?

    +1 on the 3lb. It takes the ice @ the bottom of the hole better. My 2 cents
  5. Rivernut

    Lund Rebels

    I could not word it any better than Cicada. My biggest issue is next to no storage. I have a '91 Rebel special. It is a tiller model. Very comfortable, and light. All in all I'm very pleased.
  6. Rivernut

    lake Osakis mn

    +one for Lake shore.Super people, and as stated, excellent dock fishing. Some of the folks don't even bring a boat. The dock fishing can be that good. Good luck.
  7. I had two estimates on my 04 Silverado, one at a dealer and one by my regular mechanic. Both were right around 400.
  8. Rivernut

    13 year old Strikemaster lazer mag

    Mine is about 20 years old. Had the diaphram replaced. Runs like a champ.
  9. Rivernut

    Lower unit drain down! Did you win or lose?

    Just did mine today. Looks like it came right out of the original container. Do it every fall, never an issue.
  10. Rivernut

    Boat Winterization

    You do want to fill from the bottom up. Then put the top screw in, then the bottom screw. It drains slower with the top screw in, giving you time to get the bottom one in without losing much gear oil.
  11. Rivernut

    Who makes the best mono line?

    Trilene XL. Have tried many others over the years, but go right back to Trilene.
  12. I have a 2004 w/ a Truxedo roll up. It does bulge a bit, but fits. Also has hyfax on it.
  13. Rivernut

    Oil pump or sensor?

    Thanks, I"ll try that. Its a 1991, and I will get the model #
  14. Rivernut

    Oil pump or sensor?

    As stated in my post, how can you tell if it is the sensor or the pump?
  15. Rivernut

    Oil pump or sensor?