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  1. OK, good I have a 2 stroke and pump it before each time out....sounds normal.
  2. Should the fuel bulb stay full between uses? Or do you have to prime it often?
  3. I had a leaky boat once. Many of the rivets leaked and it actually had a hairline crack or two. I went the cheap route and it never leaked again. It is possible to replace the rivets without ripping up the floor. If you drill them out and replace with closed end blind rivets. I bought the rivets from Fastenal (make sure they are closed end!)...and make sure to get a good heavy duty rivet gun. Dab a little epoxy on each one before replacing. As for any cracks, depending on where they may need to be welded. I had one directly on the keel that had to be welded, but have also done a patch. if you have a crack small enough to patch, drill at each end of crack so it doesnt spread and you can patch with a piece of aluminum. I did this by cutting a rectangle piece to cover the crack and riveted all edges about a 1/2 inch apart as well as through the center around the crack. put a bunch of epoxy on the aluminum patch and on each rivet to seal. Worked for me, it wasnt pretty, but had the boat for about a year after work and it never leaked a drop.....good luck! Don't know about the gasket. I replaced about 25 rivets and patched two cracks for under a 100.00
  4. After all of this.....I walked from both boats. I ended up finding a 2004 Crestliner 1850 Sportfish in really good shape with a merc 2 stroke....The motor is my least favorite part of the rig....but the other two were carb 2 strokes also....I figured the 2004 should be a little more reliable...spent a little more, but nice boat and newer than both of the rigs I was considering and had a 24 v trolling motor and an Elite 7 HDI....good to go. Thanks for all of the input.
  5. Is a Lund Explorer the comparable model size etc... to a Crestliner Fish hawk?
  6. I am not stuck on a fish and ski. More fish! Like I said, I'm looking for the good boat first! This is what you typically get when spending 8-11K is a whole bunch of different types of boat...just looking for quality first. In that price range there is a lot to weigh, I am not brand specific either...you will find underpowered smokercrafts and trackers 5-10 years newer than some lunds for the same price. The tyee I found just popped as a nice looking boat, the fact that it is a fish/ski was just a bonus. Getting tired of looking at ads...seems I have seen every boat 8 times!
  7. Well, I went and looked a little closer at the Crestliner. It is a dump inside, the scratches were not too bad...but the interior was DIRTY, carpet very worn. Still looking as the Lund is still being worked on....The lund is also the Tyee Grand Sport, so it has the bow cushions and extras, so pretty comparable to the Sportfish other than the flip up deck in back and the sportfish is about 10 inches wider...that was nice. If I can find something better in the meantime I will go for it, but the condition of the crestliner was too much to overlook. I have heard the 96' Fastsrike was a good all around motor, I haven't heard too much negative about it.....I think it was the Ficht that had all of the problems for Johnson/Evinrude?????? I am looking around 8K to 11K. Hard to find a tyee in that price range that is this nice, I have looked at about 5. I am just looking for a good boat in that range, not too picky on what style other than counsel steering. I am not opposed to fishhawks, or similar single counsel styles, just want a good boat. Doesn't have to be full windshield, fish/ski. It was just nice to find one that fits that bill too. I have looked at almost every dealer site and hsolist. Any other forums/online resources that you can suggest to broaden my search?
  8. Well...lots of opinions, that's what I was looking for. But seems like a real toss up between the two. I do like the flip over casting deck in the back of the liner. but the lund is in better overall shape...who knows?
  9. The dealer offers a 30 day warranty on the rebuild on the lund. I would be replacing graph on lund and trolling motor. Did I hear someplace that this was a bad year for crestliner transoms? Of course I will check it out, but other than hopping on the motor and looking for flex....has anyone heard about this year?
  10. Considering pretty similar condition. #1 1996 Lund Tyee 1750 Grand Sport w/ 115 Johnson Faststrike 2 stroke (re-built by dealer).Hull and interior are mint! 42 lb. trolling motor and old lowrance graphs. #2 2002 Crestliner 1850 Sportfish w/ 125 Merc 2 stroke (checked by dealer). 80 lb. trolling motor and a newer lowrance graph.(scratches and dings) Crestliner is $2,000 more than the Lund. What would you do? Are the yrs. alone worth the 2K? Crestliner Right? if I can live with the scratches and dings??
  11. Starting to shop for a new graph. Looking at getting something with side imaging. I am going to try and stick with buying just one graph. Any ideas on mounting a hummingbird 800 series or lowrance unit with structure scan in a 96 Lund Tyee. The goal is to be able to use the unit at the console as well as in the front, and not have to buy a second unit. Has anybody mounted a swing arm in the walkthrough area somehow that you can pivot to bow seat and back to console? Or do you think I would be able to see the graph well enough through the windshield, if it just pivots? All I have is a 500 series bird that i could use at bow, but would rather have the best of both worlds somehow.
  12. Thanks for all of the input, it gives me a lot of information to bring back to the dealer. But I don't think I am going to over react and walk away from the deal completely. I can see what other motors they have available. But I tend to agree with the others that have said....I would rather have a 20 year old motor that has been inspected, looked at and the necessary parts have been repaired/rebuilt and replaced with new vs. taking a shot on some other used motor, just because it has no "history". I could end up buying a bomb either way, but after input from all I think I feel more comfortable with the rebuilt than another 1996 used motor. I think some more questions just need to be asked of the dealer and thanks to all for the suggestions. But walking doesn't seem necessary at this point. The unknowns in the deal just seem like they just need to be asked.
  13. According to the dealer the VRO did not go bad and was not the issue that caused it, but they are replacing the pump anyway. Slurpie---- you are saying that all cylinders, piston and rings need to be replaced, even if just the one was damaged? Or All cylinders need to be honed? Or both? Otherwise it's a shotty job?
  14. Thanks, any ideas on what I should ask for a discount on a rebuild or does the re-build bring the cost of a regular used of same age and model?
  15. More details: 1 cylinder was slightly scorn and lost some compression. They are replacing the sleeve and all piston rings. Replacing the water and oil pump. Offer a 30 day warranty. They assured me they have done many of these in there shop before and the earliest they have seen one comeback blown again was 5 yrs. and was probably user error (oil). Anybody else running on a rebuild, with some info? Hopefully some pros chime in. Thanks
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