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  1. I was out for the opener in the NE part of start and found plenty of ducks and geese. Water was up compared to prior trips but has dropped a great deal over the last couple months as it has been very dry. I did not hear or see a pheasant the entire stay.
  2. Sounds like West Metro is place to be as south metro and areas to the south of it were pretty much devoid of ducks during the scouting I have done and during the youth duck hunt. I was on several of the lakes and WMA's and saw very few birds. Saturday morning was not exactly a duck day but it was very quiet.
  3. Hunted south of the metro and it was really sad. Prime marsh with two other parties out on same large marsh. Saw very few ducks, more geese actually. If the DNR head who was hunting a prime private marsh never fires a shot that tells you a great deal about the sad state of affairs for Mn duck hunting. Goose hunting is your best bet but that has become a game in itself with outfitters leasing up the active fields. I grew up a passionate waterfowler but I think the sport is dieing for a couple of reasons. Current and past farming practices including the insane ethanol practices. Our governments crop support and insurance policies which encourage draining and farming fence row to fence row. Our 100 year floods have now become almost annual events and will continue in the future as there are so few seasonal wetlands left. Our marches are mudholes with no food to hold or sustain waterfowl. Sorry to sound so negative but its just the truth and it hurts.
  4. The 20 was for turkey hunting so she did not have to shoot it that much. I need a gun for her to shoot ducks and targets with which means more kicks to the shoulder.
  5. I have my daughter shooting a 20 guage breakaction with a limbsaver recoil pad. She still flinches a bit and complains about the recoil. I was wondering if its worth going to either a 410 or a semi auto 20 guage. The 410 seems pretty limited with regard to ammo, for example, steel shot. Another complicating factor is she is left handed which makes the semi auto tough to find. Any suggestions??
  6. Noticed lower screws on boat ladder had loosened up. I was wondering which epoxy or silicone people on this forum have worked with. I was considering the Marine Loctite Epoxy or the 3M 5200 marine sealant. Not sure I can get a backer yet on the lower screws given location. The upper screws take most of the force when getting back on the boat. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. I can help you out on this zone, my friend hunted it a couple years ago and I did as well about 10 years ago. Send me an email at [email protected] and I can send you maps etc along with my phone number if you want to talk further.
  8. It's easier to miss than you think. In particular a young kid with low base shells, 3/4 ounce of shot, not much experience shooting yet, and a ton of nerves. Close shots mean tighter patterns as well. Even adults with lots of experience and magnum loads with lots of shot miss on occasion. If we want a sure thing we can pick up a turkey at Cub. Its the whole experience of being in the woods early, listening to the gobbles and the other birds singing, watching the deer feeding, seeing the sunrise, working the call, hearing the gobble get louder, seeing that turkey approach, etc that make it special. I told my daughter if she ever loses that excitement, that nervous feeling, that little bit of shaking then she might as well just buy her turkey at the market. Obviously as we age and mature we learn to control it but I still get that feeling to this day and I'm on back side of 40. I really feel its important to try and get kids involved in the outdoor lifestyle. It might not take for them all but you have to at least try.
  9. Took my 10 yr old daughter out for the final season this year. Story begins with last Fridays opening day hunt for us. Birds are gobbling at sunrise. Call to them and hear them slowly working toward us. 15 minutes or so of calling and two toms appear 80 yards away see our decoys and make a bee line straight in on a trot. First bird tackles the Jake decoy and the other joins in. My daughter is shaking and is so excited I'm not sure she will be able to shoot. She trys to calm herself takes the first shot and misses. The birds are so set on beating on the decoys that I have time to reload her break action 20 guage with another shell. She then proceeds to miss again and to my complete amazement the birds continue pounding away. This is repeated again and then again for a total of four shots fired. They then wander back to about 30 yards where she misses for the fifth time. At this point they realize something is up and walk off to about 70 yards to try to figure it all out. My daughter was just so excited and dispite the misses really not disappointed. She could have started pounding her feet and crying but instead she laughed it off. I was shocked as she can consistently put her shots on a pie plate at 20 yards and these birds were at about 10-15 yards. Turkey fever had struck her hard. Fast forward to today and same scenario plays out with this time two Jakes approaching and mingling with the two decoys at 10 yards. Turkey fever struck again just a milder case and the bird was down. I think she is hooked. I'm really indebted to the landowner who granted us permission. Great guy who even hunted with us and witnessed the first days spectacle.
  10. I'm looking to buy a new or used muzzleloader with the following kicker. It must be legal to hunt with in Colorado. They have several rules as follows: No loading from Breech No sabots No smokeless powder No electronics No scopes Minimum 50 caliber for elk and 210 grains In line is legal No pellatized powder Shotshell primers are legal Given the above what gun would you recommend? Also where to buy, I don't mind spending a little extra to buy from a local dealer who knows the product. I'm new to this sport and would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  11. I have hunted SD several years for waterfowl. Early season is good if your not interested in Pheasants. Once they open it gets busier as far as trying to find a place to stay. Late season can be a challenge if everything freezes up early. Its tough to get on land as most landowners have their properties locked up for pheasant hunting at $150.00 plus per day. The Northeast part of the state around Watertown and north is full of small potholes and lots of public land. Northwest of Aberdeen their are many potholes as well. That area to the north of Watertown does not have as many pheasants and its generally easier to find accomodations. If camping their are several state parks in the area which are very nice. You might want to consider fishing as its pretty good. Not many waterfowl hunters compared to Minnesota, you should enjoy yourself.
  12. Fox River Landing on the St Croix River. You can car camp here, first come first served campsites. Its on the Wisconsin side of the river. Kayak heaven here and very good fishing as well. Less than 2 hrs from anywhere in the city. I would also suggest kayaking down the Namekogan river.
  13. Just a word of caution if you rent a car or rv anywhere thats close to the road is like a garbage dump. People must just assume Alaska is so big that the garbage will just blend in I guess. I was shocked by this and the number of people fishing. They call it combat fishing up there for a reason. If you can drive there and you find fish you will be surrounded by fisherman. Most will be snagging though it's illegal. If you get off the road either by air, boat, or taking a good long walk its possible to get away from it all and really appreciate the beauty. Try going in August after some of the crowds have thinned out a bit. Also save your money and try a fly in or boat in lodge or perhaps a river float. If its your honeymoon I'm guessing a fly in lodge would be best though it will be expensive.
  14. Been on 4 moose hunts with 3 occuring in the BWCA and one outside. Most people road hunt them if your zone is outside the BWCA. They drive the areas that have been recently clear cut. It was not something I would do but to each his own. What zone did you draw your tag.
  15. The fishing is good but the earlier the better and this spring I would go in May. The state park is decent which is where some cabins are located. The wind can be a real challenge on this lake and for that matter all the lake in this area.
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