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  1. we wanted to try sunrise so it was easier to have a fire and a little more private. Tall Pines was very nice but it is right on the dock, alot of people coming and going and it was hard to have a fire. The Norseman should give you a great view.
  2. Not sure what cabin #1 is, but we are staying in Sunrise this year. Last year we stayed in Tall pines.Will leave a note or I will try and get an e-mail out to you. We have always done good on that lake. somedays slower then others and sometimes our limits.My husband and I just love it up there.
  3. We will be going up on the 6th to the 13th. We will have to try your spinners. Can't wait to go that time of year, cooler than July and I'm sure the fishing will be great. Never had a bad vacation on that lake. Good luck, and will post on how we did.
  4. We stayed there last year and are going up in September also( can't wait). The best service ever.
  5. I would check before heading up north. the weather on low is a lot colder then this. (and on any big water lakes.) Something is wrong, our LOW ice castle is two years old and never took that long to heat and I know it was alot colder on the lake then now, Get it checked
  6. Thanks for the info, I'am looking for stainless steel. I aready have extra cable. Just didnt want to replace it every two years.
  7. Does anyone know where to pick up some stainless steel cables for their wheel house? One is stating to wear a little and would like to replace both with stainless steel. Any help would be great
  8. We have had LOW ice castle for two years and we have never had the locks freeze. Door yes. We have the door on the V, not on the side. From day one we put a sport band-aid over the locks when we travel and never had a freeze up on the locks. See if that helps. Good luck wish it was cold out
  9. The laws say, bait water not cooler water. I will not dump my cooler (with ice) out just because it was in my boat. And I don't see any where in the laws it say that. I have no problem changing bait water.
  10. Just to let you know I work with polyethalene and polyurathene. Not sure if I spelled that right but they are both real bad for fumes.
  11. If it has foam watch out. I work in a foam fabrecation Dept. and the Fire Dept. is told, if our area starts on fire let it burn and we are told to get out and dont stop to help anyone. The fumes are really bad. Maybe you can remove the foam ? If not, get something different. Sorry
  12. Just wondering if someone could tell me where and if someone can spray foam the bottom of a two year old fish house?
  13. We just bought the lake of the woods model last year. My husband does not know what 55 mph is. Make sure you check the lug nuts for the first few pulls on the trips. They seam to loosen often. We do Lake of the woods trip 2 to 3 times a year and it pulled just fine. Injoy your new house.
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