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  1. I'm still at it, too.
  2. I saw this in last week's newspaper... insane. I fish Auburn pretty regularly since I live just a few miles down the road. I don't have a boat so I'm regulated to the dock... but still, I've done fairly well. Nothing quite like that pig... but it has still proven to be a fairly productive lake. Maybe I missed something, but exactly how was the state record "shattered"??? The newspaper that I have saved dated Tues., Oct. 4, 2005 from the Star Tribune states the previous state record largemouth bass caught in 1994 weighed in at 8lbs. 12.75oz... the one just caught recently that broke the record weighed in at 8lbs. 15oz. Not trying to be a smart (Contact US Regarding This Word)... just wanting to know if the newspaper I have has some incorrect information on it? I wouldn't exactly say that the state record was "shattered", IMO.
  3. Notnecessarily dyin' to get snow... but the "coolness" of this nice Fall weather has me all giddy! I love bein' outdoors in this weather!!
  4. My two cents... Bought a really cool SureFire flashlight today from Gander Mountain. Wanted one for awhile and finally got it. Just a G2 Nitrolon model but it's five times brighter than a 4-D cell flashlight. i.e., MagLites are dump. Saying this thing is bright would be an enormous understatement. Umm... yeah, I'm very impressed. Best purchase in a long time. Also picked up a really cool Gerber pocket knife. And I don't hafta be back at work 'til Wednesday at 4 p.m.! woo hoo!!!
  5. I agree with Nels, too. Public land is just that... public land.
  6. Uhhh... 4 years is absolutely absurd. Heck, the 18 months this business initially quoted you is downright ridiculous. My uncle in Sterling Heights, MI is a taxidermist at Blue Ribbon Taxidermy in Macomb County. Several award winning mounts come out of that shop each year... They're one of the busiest shops in the Michigan metro area and two weeks on a lot of mounts is a worst-case scenario. I'd say the guy who has done your mount should work with you on the price at the very least... and I agree, don't stiff him. Heck, it's your first bear... go get that!
  7. I've never gone squirrel hunting but would really like to sometime...
  8. Quote: I have a friend who loves to sit with a 410ga. single shot. he don't take long shots and has allways put meat in the freezer with it. I've offered to let him use a bigger gun and he simply replys, " I've never lost one yet" Insane... that is cool!
  9. Tom: I always love seeing your macro photography... it's great!
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