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  1. delcecchi

    Getting Files From Old Hdd

    If you are going to kludge a connection, you need to also provide the correct power. I think 2.5 inch disks us 5volts while 3.5 also require 12. That is why an external 2.5 can plug into a usb port while an external 3.5 has a wall wart power supply as well as the usb.
  2. delcecchi

    Secret To A Great Deer Stew?

    My mother always used to put in a parsnip or two, and said it improved flavor. I was ok with it but didn't care to actually eat the parsnips....
  3. delcecchi

    Getting Files From Old Hdd

    The external drive is the easiest way, no matter what. And ide aka parallel ATA was superceded in the early 2000's like 2001 or so. Vista came out in 2007 (I looked it up) so SATA was in wide use before that. Besides, an external enclosure can be handy to have around.
  4. delcecchi

    Getting Files From Old Hdd

    The easiest way for an internal hard drive is to buy one of the kits that make it into an external drive, then plug it into the usb port. About 20 bucks on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-External-Lay-Flat-Docking-EC-DFLT/dp/B00LS5NFQ2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1541710967&sr=8-5&keywords=external+drive+enclosure
  5. delcecchi

    Cat5 Vs Cat6

    Looking at Amazon, you can buy a 50 foot cat 7 ethernet cable for 15 bucks. It might be worth an experiment.
  6. delcecchi

    Japanese beetles

    Like I said above, back in 2016.....
  7. delcecchi

    That Should To Do It!

    Wow. 6? Outa my league. Never get more than one or two in a week.
  8. delcecchi

    Smoked Dill Pickles

    It is mostly stuff like bear and a few others you need to be worried about.
  9. delcecchi

    Smoked Dill Pickles

    Trichinosis from domestic pigs hasn't been recorded in the USA for decades, like 50 years. So cooking pork how you prefer it is safe. But (unlike beef) I too don't go for rare/medium rare pork. But cooking to like 140 or so keeps it juicy even given how lean modern pork is. Wild meat is another story.
  10. delcecchi

    Happy Halloween

    All we have had is the German shorthair from across the street.
  11. delcecchi

    Smoked Dill Pickles

    How long did you smoke them for? Might be a good side at Thanksgiving..
  12. delcecchi

    Golf Cart Battery

    I have seen them at costco....
  13. delcecchi

    Deer Heart

    I have eaten moose heart. It was pretty good, actually. I presume deer heart is similar. Only way I eat liver is braunschweiger. BTW smurfy, dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol. Feel free to look it up. Various fats have different effects. So, shut up and eat some lipitor.
  14. delcecchi

    Headed south???

    More olive drab to my eye, rather than brown.
  15. delcecchi

    Headed south???

    Don't goldfinches stay year around?