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  1. WALLYEYE- Is your boat still for sale? I would like to look at sometime this weekend. Let me know [email protected] Thanks
  2. I have always stayed at White Birch Lodge right in Sioux Narrows. Good food excellent fishing. [Note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again]
  3. I was just got back from LOTW; we fished the Sioux Narrows area over to Big Narrows. Most action in terms of numbers was in the 20-30 foot range but the bigger fish were in the 10-15 foot range. Good Luck!
  4. That was an old resort at one time. The old cabins are gone, someone purchased that land a few months ago and destroyed the old cabins. There is now one small cabin that was finished a few weeks ago.
  5. Yellow Girl Point on Lake of the Woods has the rock with the happy face. This is located on Lake of the Woods just out of Sioux Narrows.
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