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  1. Do they exist? Looking for size 2 or larger so the little guy can come with me. Would like to be able to fish out of a portable without the fear of him falling down and ruining his day.
  2. Thanks Jeremy. The room is a bunkhouse that has finished tongue and groove on the ceiling and walls. Priming/painting is not an option. So far, it seems that anything wet just smears, hence the idea on the de-greaser or TSP. I just want to get the soot off and hopefully that will remove the smell. I might have another need for a paint job in the spring though...and we need to get out fishing sometime too!
  3. Thanks Pat but due to the health risks associated, I cannot go that route. I appreciate the response.
  4. So the short version of the story is that I had left a scented candle on top of a fireplace stove. Didn't notice it when I started the fire. Hour or two later I walked back into the room and the space was full of smoke. 20x20 room w/ a 14' ceiling. Candle was gone. Soot everywhere and it smells like a Bed, Bath & Beyond. I have done some research on the dry chemical sponges for removing the soot. Has anyone had success with this process and what have you done to get rid of the smell? How many sponges do you think I would need?
  5. Thanks Del. I was getting a little excited with the possibility that we could...
  6. Can you get FSN North on the HD Antenna?
  7. Monthly. I used the expensive filters at first but it would keep tripping the limit switch so they suggested I go with the cheap blue filters to increase air flow.
  8. Does the furnace have to have the A-coil in in the first place? For finance sake, say we replace the furnace this fall, don't hook up an A-coil and replace the A/C in the spring. Possible?
  9. It was recently found that out A-Coil is plugged with an excessive amount of debris and has mold all around it. Would you/can you, clean it or replace? Unit is 20 years old. I have been getting prices on a new furnace and a/c unit and it is a significant expense that I don't have the budget for. Can I get by?
  10. I just gave my representatives my ideas. Thanks for posting the link.
  11. How are they going to enforce this with out of state boaters? Traveling through to a destination other than Minnesota?
  12. www.trailers.mndnr.gov Looks like $5 for the course and $2 for each additional trailer. Good for 3 years. Must need to pay for all of those pressure-washers they bought.
  13. Picked up a card at the DNR lodge at the Fair. Apparently, beginning on Jan. 5, 2015 if you trailer a boat or use water-related equipment in MN, you need to take AIS training and get a decal. The gentleman that I spoke with in the AIS display, didn't know anything about it until he showed up for work the other day at the lodge. Anyone have any additional info?
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