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  1. I have the 06 Navionics for Canada. It is very helpful on Lac Seul but is not high def and has some inaccuracies so you still need to be cautious. Good luck KT
  2. Thanks guys! Had a bit of a mess with overflow (I think I must've overfilled the previous one) acid prior to installing the new one but have it all cleaned up and installed now. Also found a loose connection to a breaker so I feel I'm in better shape now and ready for my trip to Canada in a couple weeks. KT
  3. Determined that I had enough room to squeeze in a group 27 so I went that way. Found a Duralast by Johnson Controls that is a dual purpose. Plenty of CCA, MCA and double the RC (180) than I had before. Hopefully it performs and last well. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/accesso...ier=107676_0_0_ Johnson also makes Interstate, so for a hundred bucks I felt it was woth a shot. KT
  4. Ottertail, I'm also looking at the 24M-XHD for my starting battery, but am wondering if I should consider the SRM-24 dual purpose start/deep since I run two HDS units and occasional lights, livewell etc. often with the motor off. Both batteries' specs exceed the CCA, MCA and RC for my Yamaha F75. Any thoughts? Thanks, KT
  5. We do the a lot of the typical fare but last year's new addition for the first night was an 8 lb pan of lasagna that my wife made in advance in a disposeable foil pan. It was left unbaked and refigerated beforehand (you could even freeze it and use it as supplemental ice if you wanted). We just kept it in the cooler on the way up and popped it in the oven when we were ready for it (could be done on a grill too). It was super easy and we had leftovers for later in the week. Another thing we've done is a crock-pot roast w/potatoes & veggies. Season it, and set it on low - very easy. It's pretty nice to come in from a morning or afternoon of fishing and have the cabin smell like Sunday dinner. Beware - Both of these meals induce long naps. KT
  6. The 17"er in my avatar was a metro catch on '05. The guy who mounted it does most of the mounts for Gander and said it was the biggest metro crappie he'd seen in 12-15 years. I have caught a 14 in that same lake but not for a number of years. Nice catch! KT
  7. I found a tube floating on Tonka on Sunday. Provide me a description and where you lost it and I'll get it back to you. KT
  8. You will likely have to pay extra $$ in the even that you want to get anything other than Merc on the Lund.
  9. Do the math. 50 km more distance divided by how many hours to the intersection of 17 & 105 at Vermillion Bay and you'll know how much faster you'll need to drive up 71 to 17. My math, converting to miles you'll need to average 7MPH faster over the 3+ hours. to come out ahead. Can you do it? I don't know. Pretty sure you can't. Is the road better. I doubt it could be worse. I'd say try it out and get back to us. ;-) I'm taking 502.
  10. Is there a public boat launch on Wabaskang? Just curious. Thanks
  11. Does Eagle have a daytime walleye bite like Lac Seul? Our group is considering going to Eagle this year because of the multi-species options but are wondering about the daytime bite and how the fishing compares to LS. Thanks for any info! KT
  12. Both are good. I think I'd fish alone more if I could use two lines. Trolling two per has always been fun in SD and any time I'm jigging I wish I could dead stick another. Not sure that I care too much if MN goes to allowing two lines or not, I just think if they did I'd fish alone more.
  13. 178 - picked up a couple Flicker Shads today for 88 cents and some Wally divers for $1.88. KT
  14. The key switch is an OEM Honda switch but it is remote. Last night I located a bad 10 Amp fuse inline just up from the switch. The starter fuse in the motor is 15 Amps. I replaced the 10 amp inline fuse with a 15 Amp fuse just to test and when I turned the key, the 15 Amp fuse on the motor blew. I guess that means a short somewhere between the switch and the motor. Seems hard to fathom since the cabling is all factory wrapped but today I will be checking the lower cowl connections and the entire wire. I think I've ruled out the key switch based on that but I don't want to make an incorrect assumption.
  15. I got out my tester and got all of the accessories working. The culprit...a worn inline fuse holder. The one end of it had some of the rubber insulation folded over the contact. I'm guessing that when I moved my batteries around while working on my ignition problem that I jostled it and so caused that stuff to not work. The ignition problem remains unsolved. It is an OEM Honda switch which was replaced last year and it is completely sealed. I can test up to the connectors for it but don't really know how I can test it without a diagram that shows which wires are what. Any ideas, I hate to fork over $120+ for a new switch before confirming that it is faulty.
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