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  1. Thanks everyone.. Yeah I could not believe it when I rolled her over.. I emailed the dnr. This is the response I got.. We do here and see antlered doe’s occasionally, but rarely do the antlers have much if any resemblance of being so symmetrical. Most times the antlers are there, but all messed up, sometime with velvet still on them and actually pretty ugly when it comes to antlers, but the one you got has a very nice rack. Congrats.
  2. Rick G.. I did, wasn't sure if it was ok to post..
  3. I shot this deer opening morning.. I thought it was a nice buck.. Well when I rolled it over to field dress it.. It's a doe. Couldn't believe it..
  4. Are group is in for the 2nd hunt.. Good luck to everyone going. And Sorry to everyone who is not. At least you know your in next year
  5. yeah a guy fell 30-35ft on Sat. No harness on. He got brought into the hospital. Walked away with a bruised tail bone. Dang lucky. Our group saw very few deer this year, but 3 of them were shooters. Just all out of range.
  6. Wishing everyone good luck this opener. Be safe and have a great time. I have to miss it for the first time in years do to a back injury. Hopefully be back in the stand in a few weeks.
  7. Our group is in again
  8. My Minn Kota quit working, can anyone suggest a service center to bring it to. I'm in Elk River. Thanks
  9. thanks, Got 18 pnd on the way.. Cant wait to get out and due some lead core fishing for the 1st time
  10. What # lead core line do most of you use, or suggest to use? Thanks
  11. cats-summer Pike-spring walleye-summer panfish-winter
  12. Pro, yeah those little ones are hard to come by. We will fillet & fry them once in a while. Most of the time we grill them. We cut the head off and gut. Fill it with onions, lemon slices, couple strips of bacon, salt a pepper. Then wrap in tin foil and grill it. oh its so good. If there's any left over, I'll mix it with mayo and make a spread for sandwiches. Another way that we got from the resort owners, is to fillet, cover with equal amount of coolwhip and mayo, then cover with shredded cheese and onions. It's also really good.
  13. DANG YOU PROV1900 Got me thinking about our trip and its a Long 6 months away. We usually do something eaasy and quick for breakfast. Lunch in the boat usually sandwiches or left over fish. We usually spend 12-14 hours a day in the boat. We always do a big dinner, and it's usually late. It's a good time to share fish story's and shoot the bull. A guy should hire a cook for the week to have dinner ready when you get in. Day 1 Walleye 2 burgers & brats 3 Walleye or Lake Trout 4 steaks & shrimp 5 Walleye or Lake trout 6 Homemade Pizza 7 Walleye 8 Lasagna Plus we have fries & onion rings most nights. or some other kind of potato. Plus we always go over my Birthday, so we stop in Dryden, and stock up on Carrot cake. So we have a piece of that just about every night. Everyone pitches in, cleaning fish, cooking, dishes, and so on. so it goes pretty well. Our group is anywhere from 3 to 18. I cant wait.
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