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  1. I tried a new battery and that didn't help. Sent to Marcum last Thurs. and got it back yesterday working great. They must of had it only a day or two with the mailing time. That's pretty good customer service, even though I am a Vexlilar guy.
  2. I bought a Marcum 350 camera last Feb. and used it maybe 10 times and it worked great. Took it out and charged it up last weekend hoping to get out this week and it wouldn't take a charge. I used my Vexlar charger on it and now its at 100% but there's no picture. I have checked all the connections but just the lights come on below the screen but that's it. I don't know where my paperwork on it is and right now but I was wondering what kind of warranty these have or if it might be something simple like a fuse inside. Thanks
  3. Hey Melon Head, don't you work or anything. Cripes, I put one post on here, in the muskie section to boot, and you're all over me in 2 hours. No I havn't seen Deadwood all year. We switched to cable and didn't get HBO. Maybe you should tape them all and ship them to me.
  4. I have a buddy that's heading up to Lac Seul at the end of this month. He's never fished muskies there before and asked me if I had any info. I've heard that the muskies are all on the east end. Is this true? And any other info would be nice. Thanks.
  5. All I can think about is all that gorgeous [email protected]#% down in FLA.
  6. Thats great buzz, at least we don't have to here you talk about the goph's all year anymore.
  7. I'm sure if the tables were turned and ND was playing HC at the Excel with the winner playing the gophers, all those classy gopher fans would be cheering real hard for their WCHA rivals. And as far as the calls, I would have liked to see a replay of the, quote, call after the HC goal. The ND player did go down away from the play but it was hard to see what really happened. And the guy in the crease. I don't know the rule in college but he did not interfere with the goalie at all and they reviewed it and called it good. ND did dominate the game, but HC hung in there into the 3rd and my hats off to them too.
  8. Raj22


    Hey Herman ND 4 Mich 1 after 2. Let you know if anything changes in the 3rd.
  9. Oh, by the way. Who the heck is Holy Cross?
  10. Rolly22- Thats what I'm talkn''bout
  11. Hey Herman, I just watched the end of the gopher b-ball and they lost too. But I bet they don't care, it was just the NIT, they didn't even try.
  12. OK, I think I'm starting to understand that third place games are meaningless. I just wish someone would have told Wis. so they wouldn't have kicked the dump out the gophers on their own ice for no reason whatsoever. And no, it sure wasn't a barn burner, but I know there were quit a few gopher fans who paid good money for tickets and wasted half their day that wish it was.
  13. Didn't look like a joke for Wisconson and they didn't have much to play for either, except maybe pride.
  14. Hey, at least I had sense enough to quit at 2. Mans got to know his limitations.
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