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  1. Harvey Lee- Do your stored ones ever have a twist in them from being wrapped? Mine do that all the time. Whats the deal with the twist? Kiefer06
  2. Slick... If i could, i would love a log if you are still e-mailing them out. Thanks. [email protected] Thanks, Kiefer06
  3. Thanks alot guys. I love this forum, everyone is so helpful. Thanks again. Kiefer06
  4. Deitz Dittrich Where can i purchase these retractable straps? Kiefer06
  5. My many of you use those rod straps on your casting deck. Like the ones you see the pros have on those tournaments on t.v. They have velcro or elastic for easy access. Thinking about getting some. Are they worth it? Thanks Kiefer06
  6. How long of a leader do you guys use when using a Lindy Rig? I have heard anywhere from 6 inches to about 3 feet! What should i use? Is there a rule of thumb to these? Any help is greatl appreciated.
  7. I need to replace the line on my baitcasters and i was wondering what type of line i should use, since there are like a million types. I mainly use these rods for trolling, and casting into the weeds for bass. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. kiefer06

    Clam 1060

    Anybody used this type of Ice house. It's got a floor and then to sides to it, that are open to the ice. I thought it was kinda cool, and was wondering if anybody has used it or has one. Do you like it? Should I get one or just go with a all floor or a flip over?
  9. I got a Ice Armor suit, Ice Armor gloves, Frabill ice pole and a ice fishing seat. I guess it was an ice fishing Christmas!!
  10. I was just wondering when you are not in a fish house and in the open, what do you sit on. A homemade pail, manufactured chair, or what? I got a Keeper Deluxe Ice-Fishing Chair for X-mas and I got a color I didn't like and thought to myself, is there anything better than this out there? Anyways, just wondering what you guys use? Kiefer06
  11. I am asking for a ice fishing pole this x-mas and they wanted to know what kind. What ice combo would you recommend for under $50?
  12. kiefer06


    So the H20 is great for fishing, how is it for other stuff, like hiking, ATVing, hunting, ect.? I want one for x-mas too but I hunt, fish, and ATV. Therefore, I woukld like one that can do it all. Any suggestions?
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