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  1. I run the Trophy Ridge React 5. I think I paid $115 on line. It is super easy to sight in. Sight in at 20 yards which is a fixed pin, and then sight in the 30 yard pin. Every other pin adjusts automatically. I just wish the pin size was smaller. I have mine set 20-60 yards which works for me
  2. I went and put 10 rounds threw it last night and I must say it is a nice shooting gun, I went with 245 grain powerbelts, and 2 triple 7 sticks for 100 grains of powder. Also triple 7 209 primer. After 10 rounds, it still loaded very easily. I must say I'm happy with it.
  3. Well, the rain wasnt going to stop so I just ran for it. Sure enough, that is the problem. Wonder why it took almost 2 years to do it. Anyway, I'll have to fix that before I head out again, big thanks to Esox and Hugo for the help. FMJ
  4. Thank you Esox and Hugo, I will check that out as soon as it stops raining. Hopefully that is the problem. So, with that, how much mono and what size? Or does it not really matter. I'm still new to this Muskie fishing disease.
  5. No Hugo, its not backed with mono. I have been doing some looking as to replacing the drag disk. What are the pros of backing with Mono? Could something so easy to have done, prevented this?
  6. I have a Shimano Cardiff 400A spooled with 80lb Powerpro, and last time out, I noticed that the drag was not holding. I could have it as tight as I could get it, and still pull line out very easily. Just wondering if there is an easy fix to this? I have always backed off my drag completely when I was done fishing, so this sort of fools me as to what happened. Anyone?
  7. I just picked up a Black Diamond the other week, It was used, but the price was very right. I havent shot it yet, hoping to do that this week yet. It has been changed over to the 209 primer ignition so I'm hoping for good things. This is my first muzzleloader so we'll see how I do with it. But its a TC so it should be good
  8. Only had one on an 8. I must say i wasnt prepared for it and wasnt paying attention. Only had one hand on the rod when it hit. The drag was set fairly tight and with the fish taking advantage of my laziness, it actually scared me. Water slashed all over me and I think I just jerked hard enough when I flinched that it set it for me. Lesson learned
  9. I tried everything in my tackle box from big and little blades to topwaters to bulldawgs and finally I stuck my rod tip in the water and touched its tail. Then it swam away nice and slow.
  10. Third cast with a topwater after spotting it on the surface. 37"
  11. Here is my first Muskie of the year. Caught it right at the boat doing my figure 8. A fat 36"
  12. 29 1/4 that weighed a whopping 7.5 pounds. It was the leanest fish I've seen. CPR
  13. I'll be working opener, But I'm taking two days off during the week to hit it. I'll be in OTC Wed-Sat FMJ
  14. currently I fish out of a 1660 tyee, and a 1660 pro-v. The tyee is a nice boat but dosent have the casting deck that the pro v does. Tyee handles bigger water and is dryer with the full windshield, Pro-v is nicer for landing and control being shallower. I am looking to get into a Ranger 690vs or 619/620dvs in a couple years, depending on $$.
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