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  1. Sarge

    Bert's F bomb

    Over the last few years, a Twins TV game without Bert and "circle me Bert", it just wouldn't be the same!! Listen to the WGN, NY, LA, or Espn guys, and realize the Twins have the best TV and radio personalities in the game. Dick, Bert, Dan, Herb and that other guy help make the game. "Way back, way back, "TOUCH EM' ALL' Kirby Pucket" could never get old, but "you can put that on the board" got old the second time.
  2. You said it!! and be sure to post some pics of your personal trophies
  3. It is private land, and you better have permission to be out there. I've never had the need to persue the issue, but I would assume the land owner still controls who and how many hunters can be out, if for no other reason than saftey and liability issues of others on his land. You had best contact the DNR and your local CO and get the answer to your question. Sarge
  4. Not sure what you are planning, but your site will need to be inspected by the state. TB/CWD tested does can go for anywhere from 100$ to 3000$ depending on the line, and there is some "sticker shock" with bucks, 1000$ is a minimum starting price, but I'd expexct to pay more. Email mail me at [email protected] If you want more detailed info Sarge
  5. Sarge

    When is bait bait?

    WxGuy, the minnow thing has been misunderstood many times.
  6. I spotted a 100 class 8pt, still sporting his rack last weekend. Haven't been out to look myself, but a buddy at work had already picked up 2 sets and 2 singles in before the 20 inch snow we had last Saturday.
  7. Sarge

    new equipment

    Yeh that Xrap looks like it could be a good slash and rip bait for big trout and smallies, I can't wait till opener, good luck and good fishing.
  8. Sarge

    Brown Trout Record!

    WOW!!! What a trout! That NoDak trout is much better looking than those Great Lakes run browners. To take that fish on 4lb test is almost amazing. Now if we could only get LTM here in SE MN to produce fish like that.
  9. I got this in a email last week, the email stated that these 14 bucks were shot in a three day period, within one square mile.
  10. Cool Pic! Would you share some details with us, I'd like to hear about the setup.
  11. How about tanning some some pieces of the hide(w/hair), from the deer you get this year, and use that for the covering. It might be a litte harder to work with, but the natural look might be worth it to you. I've been thinking about doing it with a two racks I have, but have not got around to trying yet.
  12. Yep I've been waiting too! As of today there is still corn standing everywhere in the area I hunt. So there should be some good ones left! Good luck to all and be safe!!
  13. They were going again last night, watched them on my drive home, then stood outside watching for at least 10 mins when I got home at 1am. Heavy strobe effect vs. the wavy colors I got Sunday night.
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