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  1. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
  2. These type of pictures aren't just for looking at. I can feel the feeling and emotion in them also. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hi crue86. We do plan on selling our camper. First a couple in-laws have expressed an interest so they have first dibs. However, talk is cheap until $ is involved so I will keep you in mind.
  4. I am in a rural area so storage not a problem. Toilet and gas/elect. fridge are 2 of our major reasons for upgrading. Looking to stay as small and light as possible, but still have enough sleeping room so we don't have to take the table up and down all the time. We looked at a 26' last weekend that we really liked, but are waiting to see what we see at the camper show. My kids on the other hand do not understand what the heck we are waiting for. I think they have there stuff packed and are ready to move in as soon as we bring a camper home. Thanks for your thoughts chasineyes.
  5. Thank you for the great advice Powerstroke.
  6. My wife and I recently started travel trailer shopping. We started looking into used ones but found new ones for a few $s more. Some used ones are even more than the new ones of comparable size.I assume there is a lot of quality ranges in campers like comparing Cadillacs and Chevy s. Any one have any pointers? Hope to learn a few things at the camper show.Right now we have been camping with 4 of us in a 1988 8' popup, so any travel trailer will seem like a castle I guess. Don't need anything fancy.
  7. Awe. How cute. Don't forget to have a good back up system for these precious pictures!
  8. You guys are awesome. I want to grow up to take pics like you.
  9. I am not concerned about the speed. It's more the range.We like to listen to or internet radio by the fire pit with an I pod touch, and I like it in the garage when I am working in there. The touches would be N devices. Right now I have it working good in the garage but it's iffy buy the fire pit. If I move the router I can get it good by the fire pit and iffy in the garage. It wouldn't take much of an increase in range to make me happy.
  10. At this time I have a Linksys wireless-G network. Right now my fire pit and garage are on the fringe. I can move my router around and get it good to one or the other, but not both. Is the wireless-N range actually better or do they just say it is? Also if N is used with a G device will there still be a range benefit? I know the speed will be that of the slowest device. Thanks.
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