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  1. No early opener due to concerns from biologists is something I can live with. However, not having an early opener due to Ron Shara's crappie contest or desire by some resorters to hold off on the opener is really unacceptable. I continue to baffled with the state of MN - maybe it's just me but doesn't it seem like the average working stiff in this state has minimal input while a very small population of resort owners have more input into the fisheries?
  2. Here is the email I sent to all members that serve on the game fish committees: Dear Senators and Representatives, I wanted to express my appreciation for the proposal to open fishing season one week earlier than originally proposed. According to the DNR statements I have read, opening season one week prior will have no impact on the fish population since the unseasonably warm spring and early ice out has led to early spawning. It has been disappointing to read the articles from some of our more popular outdoor writers and self proclaimed outdoors spokesmen regarding the early opener. Ron Schara is upset that the early opener will interfere with his crappie tournament and Dennis Anderson has somehow become the spokesman for the resort industry and written about how this will cause issues with the resort industry. It is clear to me why Dennis is a writer and not a business owner. I cannot fathom how an early opener could possibly harm a resort - yes, it would be an inconvenience since last minute planning would be required but it does give those that are savvy business leaders an opportunity to capitalize on additional revenue. Personally, I don't understand why the resort industry seems to have a stronger voice in our resource management than the thousands of citizens. My fishing, like most Minnesotans, is limited to the weekends when I'm not working so two additional days of walleye fishing during a somewhat limited season is a welcome change. Some have argued that many have already made plans for a May 12th opener and this should prevent changing the date. Why? Why would opener a week early be an issue to anyone that has made plans? I don't think the lakes are going to be fished out due to an opener a week early and this really sounds like some "me first" whining. All in all, based on the weather this year, an early opener would be good for the average fisherman like myself and any business that supports the industry -- regardless of what self proclaimed experts believe.
  3. Worse opener we've had in 30 years - ended up with one doe, there were four of us in the party. We did opt not to shoot some smaller does but few opportunities due to the corn. Talking with a relative it doesn't sound good that the harvest will move fast. He told me the elevators will probably only take corn on certain schedule since they will have to dry all of the corn. Heading back on Friday with my son - was hoping to hunt waterfowl and pheasants but looks like we'll have to chase some deer as well. Oh well, makes you appreciate the season's that are somewhat "normal" - although the last two years it feels like the rain will never end.
  4. Hunted SE ND this past weekend. Very wet conditions, most crops (including soybeans) have not been harvested. Our party of 4 bagged 15 roosters in two days of hunting. Didn't see much for birds but took advantage of the opportunities that we had. Seemed to be plenty of duck hunters on Saturday. Some ducks in the area but few mallards. No snow geese.
  5. I grew up in Sargent County and still hunt there often. Pheasant population is down significantly from last year but there are birds in the area - you'll just have to put in some time hunting. Frankly, some of the best hunts I've experienced have been in down years since you don't have near the hunters. Talked to a brother this morning that is enjoying the youth hunt with his grandson and they are seeing birds - but it is wet and muddy. Plenty of corn in the field and soybean harvest is on hold with the rain - not sure how long before the harvest will pick up again.
  6. I was in SE ND to visit family this past weekend. I don't think this winter will fair well for the pheasants, most of the sloughs are blown in with snow and that was before the 10 inches of snow on Tues. I was going to go out for a day or two but didn't want to bust through the snow. I'm trying to be an optimist but it will be difficult for the birds in this area, this much snow in December isn't good. I had heard it was the most snow for the month of Dec in Fargo for the 81 yrs. they've been keeping records.
  7. Since I'll be there at the same time I'm hoping that 1) most of the corn will be harvested 2) that the fall migration will be in full swing. The best hunts I've had normally come around this time of the year and make for some great waterfowl and upland game hunting. Once the corn is harvested it's like a second "opening weekend" and there is nothing in the world that compares to fall migration in full swing. If the timing is right there are thousands of geese and ducks in the area. A ton of rain the past month has put the harvest behind schedule but, hopefully, the wind over the weekend dried things up somewhat so the corn can be harvested. Forecast for this week in excellent weather. The pheasant population is down this year but there are still enough around to keep it interesting and the possibility of getting a limit. Get a PLOTS map- they provide good information about public hunting spots.
  8. Tweed, I didn't see the numbers of waterfowl that I would associate with the migration - no snows or large # of canadians. I did see some large flocks of mallards - not many, but a couple times each day we'd come across the large flock of mallards either sitting in flooded parts of soybean field or circling in the distance. Not like past years where there were ducks in every slough. I do think there will be some really good waterfowl hunting - the water and corn fields could keep the birds around for awhile if he weather cooperates, sure hope so since I have purchased a waterfowl license to use in November. I am hearing really good reports for pheasant hunting farther west - friends of mine have had no problem getting limits in the Bismarck area.
  9. I would agree that the population is down 50% from the past few years. I hunted Dickey/Sargent county the past three days and we only harvested 10 birds - typically, we would end up with 20-30+ birds over MEA weekend. We also had some kids out over youth weekend and only harvested 1 bird - I was hoping that is was just a dismal weekend but that doesn't appear to be the case. Just interesting observations - of the 10 birds we shot this weekend seven of them were old birds and only three young ones - also, can't tell you how many single hens we flushed - much more than usual. I know that there is still corn in the field but we hunted around harvested soybean fields. Obviously, there will be more birds when the corn is harvested but I still think the hatch took a major hit this spring due to the cold/rain. I hope marine man is correct - have heard reports of guys getting their limits but I don't think any of them are coming easy. Yes, the sloughs are full of water - I saw on the local news this weekend that most of SE ND experienced 6-9 inches of rain the past three weeks. Based on how the sloughs have filled up I would not doubt that for a minute.
  10. I was in Sargent/Dickey county this weekend on the youth pheasant hunt - brought my son and two of his friends. Seems like the numbers are down substantially from last year. We hunted CRP and sloughs around harvested bean fields - past couple of years that would have resulted in either a limit or kids getting plenty of shooting. Ended up with 1 bird and less than 10 shots fired between the three of them. Was really surprised, I knew the numbers were down per the Game/Fish but expected to see more birds. It was windy on Saturday but we've hunted in those conditions before with much better success. Could be a rough year.....or maybe it was just one of those days.
  11. I visited my parents in SE ND this weekend and took my son out for the youth waterfowl hunt. Conditions are very dry, haven't seen it that dry for years - maybe early 90's. Not much luck duck hunting, we set up decoys for a couple of hours but there wasn't much in the air. The pheasant population is supposed to be down around 40% as well and that seems to be the case. We didn't see too many pheasants while scouting for deer hunting - nothing like the past 3 years. For those heading that way to hunt you might want to have some idea of hunting spots - most of the CRP is hayed.
  12. Sorry to hear about him passing away - a 1st class guy. His two sons' were my fraternity brothers at UND, really nice family. Dean also spent many years in the National Guard before serving as head of the Game/Fish.
  13. I was going to bring my son to ND archery hunting next weekend - anyone know how long it takes to get the archery tag in the mail? I'm assuming the archery license is similar to the tag issued for rifle hunting.
  14. Springerguy1

    UND Sue Hockey

    After UND changes the nickname/logo to the RoughRiders or Fighting Cavalry I think the Rodents will no longer boycott playing UND. Of course, coach Brewster has already stated that he won't play NDSU in football any longer. Based on the history of success with the Rodent football they'll probably drop down and play Div III and try to pickup some lame wins. I will give Lucia credit, he's the only coach that actually plays a competitive non-conference schedule. As a UND grad I can't get enough of UND hockey (notice I did not state "Fighting Sioux" to avoid offending anyone).
  15. Our first springer spaniel experienced constant ear infections - we tried everything without much luck. I'm not sure if this was somehow linked to the IMHA that ultimately resulted in her passing on. The bad ears were one of the reasons I was hesitant to get another springer but we went with a breeder that guaranteed we would be satisfied with the dog or we could return the dog. With a guarantee like that I was comfortable owning another springer. Good luck with the ears, I hope you have better luck that we did. The springer we have now hasn't had any ear issues so I'm hoping that trend continues.
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