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  1. Is there anyway you can take the motherboard out for inspection? It's possible that there could be a cold or cracked solder joint giving the intermittant problem. Just be careful and take your time if you need to do a solder touch-up Brian
  2. The fridge on our pop-up runs in 3-modes, 120vac, 12vac (battery) and LP. We (I) found out the hard way, that the fridge will quickly drain the battery in about an hour. Also, if you have interior lights and depending on the time of year, they can also be a big power drain on the battery. I seems like the furnace fan, is pretty low draw and would last 3-4 days in addition to the interior light use. Nice when it's summer with longer daylight. On our setup, there is a "charge" line in the wiring harness to the vehicle, so when you are driving you are able to trickle charge the camper battery. We also plug in the 120vac to the camper several days before we go on a trip with refridge on 120vac to get it cooled down, and the battery fully charged. Have fun. Brian
  3. Another good sourch for trails and trail maps would be on the following link. It is for the mnsnowmobiler dot org. You can search by counties and find a local club with a HSOforum. Lots of times they will have local trail maps available for download or a link available. Good sledding Brian
  4. The Gros Venture campground is heavily wooded. There is a river nearby the campground where we usually saw 2-3 moose everyday. The buffalo and pronghorns were also around in the open areas before you get to the campground. The campground is quite large and flat with a lot of very nice sites. There is also a ampitheater that the Rangers give talks in the evenings. Also don't forget to check out the old barns and homesteads on Mormans Row. Enjoy!!
  5. You should have a great trip. Depending on the time of year you are going, it could be fairly crowed. At Canyon you of course will need to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Falls. There is also Tower Falls and Rooseveldt. A day trip to Old Faithfull and assorted geyser basins. Another day trip to Norris and Mammoth. Plan on at least 45min-1hour drive between each destination depending on weather and "animal jams". At the Tetons camping is available at several areas. We stayed at Gros Ventre campground which seemed to be fairly centrally located for the activities we did. In the evening the buffalo would wander through the campground grazing. There is brand new visitor center at Moose in the Tetons which is very nice. Check out the NPS websites for each park, they have a newspaper and maps you can download with the seasonal activies. If you have younger kids, there is a great Junior Ranger program for them to participate in. They can earn cool patches and at the same time have fun doing it. Just remember plenty of film or memory cards for the camera!! Have a great trip!! Brian
  6. I would agree with DrKen. We also put in an air source heat pump (York) last fall. We were able to reuse our existing furnace so we were able to save some $$$ there. In conjunction with our heat pump we also had an electric plenum heater (Thermolec) installed into the ductwork of the furnace. By doing this we were able to take advantage of the dual fuel program (off peak) offered by our electric utility. Our heating bill was about 1/3 of what it usually was by using total electric. During a typical winter we would use 1100-1200 gallons of LP, this winter we didn't use any. We figure about a 5 year payback, sooner if LP goes up in price. I don't think that you can go wrong with your decision. Good Luck. Brian
  7. We would always get the little buggers too. Usually only the new growth on our balsem/fir trees seemed to get eaten, the tougher older needles were left alone. If I remember right, we used a product called "Sevin" and would spray the new growth on the trees with it. I think that some fruit tree sprays may also contain it. Good Luck Brian
  8. I had a very similar situation on my Fish Hawk last year. Gauge would read 1/4 to 1/2 full all the time even though the tank was full. Pulled off back deck to remove sending unit from fuel tank. Moved sending arm up and down and fuel gauge would go from empty to full. Put back in the full fuel tank and still would read 1/2. Found out that the sending unit was good but the float wouldn't "float". Unable to find just a float and ending up replacing the whole sending unit assembly. Works great now. More food for thought. Brian
  9. The 10 x 10 we have is for the base dimensions. The actual corner to corner on the roof is probably 9 x 9. The sides are tapered to accomodate the difference. They attach with velcro. Brian
  10. We stayed at the Swan Lake Campground a couple of years ago with another family and tented it. The site(s) we had were across the road from the main camping/resort area. Was a little more open and less crowded. There are quite a few seasonal sites set up with the larger RV/Travel Trailers. There are also cabins for rent. If I remember right, there are also a few tent sites very close to the lake. There is a game room, fish cleaning shack, and shower/restroom building which, depending on where your site is can be quite the walk. Owners were very friendly and helpful. There is also a boat ramp if you have a boat and a small swimming beach area. All in all it was a pleasant camping experience. Not sure how fishing is, never made it out on the water. The weather did not cooperate. Brian
  11. We have also used our EZ quite a bit while camping. Quality tent stakes do help hold it down in the wind. The model we have is a 10 x 10 which allows you to add the side panels. This gives you additional protection from the wind or rain. Works great over the campsite picnic table. Brian
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