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  1. archer59

    Few thoughts about my first year with a boat..

    I have more fun fishing in the fall than any other time. It's cooler, changing leaves are beautiful, lakes and rivers are less crowded, and I might catch a fish or two. For me it's all about being there ... but I mainly muskie fish. I agree with the early and late suggestions. I fish Minnetonka once in a while, and it's best to get off before 10:00 am. After that everything but the Queen Mary is out there. Good Luck, Nick
  2. Quote: That didn't take long. I should know better than to make such sweeping statements. I just think it is a joke what some people feel they deserve when so many have nothing. I guess it is a good thing that the richest 1% enjoy 90% of the wealth. Political statement?
  3. archer59

    Who ya gonna call

    I have the local sheriff, DNR, State Patrol, and TIP all programed in my cell for the cabin area I. Only had to call the Sheriff once for a jet ski buzzing us on purpose. I know it was on purpose because he did it 6 times, and was also caught by the Sheriff ... running after dark. ( (Contact Us Please) ) Some peoples kids... although this guy was in his thirties. Nick
  4. archer59

    Tiller - Warrior or Lund

    The 1775 I have now is my first tiller. I always had consoles. But,,, after fishing this boat I really don't know if I would go back to a console. I fish Leech quite a bit and this boat handles itself very well. I Can't comment on the other rigs your looking at, but I like my Lund. Good Luck, Nick
  5. It took until Friday to start thinking about fishing???
  6. archer59

    Stearns Life vest alert!!!

    How wet do they need to get to inflate? Some of these post sound like 'rain' will inflate them. Thanks, Nick
  7. archer59

    Fishing and Dating

    Well if she doesn't like to fish ... do you want a second date???
  8. archer59

    Leeches-Keeping them alive longer!

    Quote: I know a guy who puts them in a mesh bag, and then tucks it in the back tank of the toilet. He says every flush is fresh water for the leeches. He keeps them for months at a time. He did say his wife made him put them in the "second" bathroom As off the wall as that sounds .. that would be a great idea at the cabin. The women don't like to move bait out of the way to get something out of the fridge. We need to keep them leeches on the beer shelf. Nevermind ... they'd still have to move em.
  9. archer59

    sun burn help

    You might try treating your sunburn from the inside ... with something like ..... Miller.
  10. archer59

    Avoiding Traffic

    I'll be avoiding the traffic by going up next weekend. Good Luck, Nick
  11. archer59

    How many sucker minnows in a gallon?

    You could alway fry the suckers!
  12. archer59

    Take a kid crawler hunting-free bait!

    When I was a kid we would run the hose in the backyard under a heavy canvas tarp for a while. During the day! We didn't get a lot of of crawlers, but enough to fish for the day. Riding our bikes to the lake... the memories.
  13. archer59

    Opener checklist!!

    What did you do with last years checklist?
  14. archer59

    The art of launching your boat ... without the plug!

    It's funny how you develope a ramp checklist after a while. I have three extra plugs secured in the splash well also. Keep em coming ... fun to read. Nick
  15. I'll admit I did it once. Launched the boat, parked the truck, and then back to the ramp where the boat was sitting a little funny in the water. This was a Lund Explorer about 8 years ago. Bilge pump worked a long time. Haven't done it since, one time was enuogh. Anyone else????