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  1. minndonn

    In the market for a new auger.....please help

    I agree with the ION. Have one for the house and it is great. Doesn't throw as far and cuts fast. no smoke in the house either
  2. minndonn

    Best auger for wheelhouse

    I bought the ION two years ago because of the house. I like it. It drills fast but does not throw as much snow as my gas. No mess and it can drill many more holes than I need. It is also better for opening up holes. I wanted the 3 inch because of my grandchild. She only hit the hole 4 times last year. The only thing I learned was when near opening the hole to slow a little so it did not get stuck. The reverse model would solve this. I like the no mess. Even with amsoil their was still stink in the house.
  3. minndonn

    Propane useage math

    Did you weigh the tank to be sure it was empty? How cold was it while you used it? If it is very cold the tank will not create enough pressure as the gas level goes down. I have had tanks quit at 25 to 30 left because it can't absorb enough heat to vaporize.
  4. minndonn

    Ion augers

    I love mine. I don't drill many but haven't charged it either. It does not throw the shavings as far and is great for reopening holes. Much neater in a house.
  5. I find the ION fantastic for re-opening holes. It works great for holes frozen over at the top and also for holes that have shrunk. Much better than the two SM's I have had. The only caution is hold back a little when hitting the bottom of the hole. I love my ION.
  6. I have found it better than my lazer mag.
  7. minndonn

    Wireless internet

    I use verizon and fox-fi for interenet access at home all the time. I also have DSL but the verizon fox-fi is ten times faster than my dsl. I also use slingbox all the time when camping or fishing. I live close to a tower so always have max bars. I also have unlimited data so usage is not a problem. I am looking for a program to run wi-fi on a HTC thunderbolt if anyone knows of one.
  8. minndonn

    Insurance on travel trailer

    Do not put it on your home owners. If you have thefts you may be cancelled and forced to get state insurance as not company would pick your homeowners up. Might be best to get a separate policy.
  9. minndonn

    empire heater problem

    new thermocouple for the pilot light is my guess.
  10. minndonn

    Ice Castle Wheel Pivot Point Locked Up

    I had the same problem and tried just heat and pounding. NO enough. For the zerks we welded a bolt over the old zerk hole and then put a zerk on the bolt. worked for greasing. Had to use a fork lift to break the rusted pivot loose. Good luck.
  11. minndonn

    New RV'er!!

    I don't feel sorry for him. He just needs to find other campgrounds from now on.
  12. minndonn

    Greer Lake Campground

    Just looked at the DNR site for Greer Lake and it appears open. ( The Snake River campground). I would be comfortable going there.
  13. minndonn

    honda or yamaha?

    Tobies Marathon in Hinckley also has non- 0xy gas. Located right off the interstate
  14. Verizon is definitely upgrading their systems to 4g pretty fast and hope to have everything 4g in 2014. This is keeping my son busy with 60 to 70 hour weeks. I updated to the maxx so I could keep unlimited until i change phones again. Interestingly I speed tested when in Duluth on 4g and the speed was 8.87 mbps. A friend had ATT 4g and we did the same speed test on theirs and the speed was a little over e mbps . quite a difference. The signal strength was good in both cases.
  15. minndonn

    honda or yamaha?

    question for everyone using Honda generators do you use ethanol gas or do you use non-ethanol gas. I am switching to non-ethanol gas on all my other small engines.