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  1. what I don't understand is they tell you to use red line because it disapears under water then they tell you to buy red hooks because they resemble blood?
  2. Ya I would have to agree fun game. I play allot of Tiger 07 on line. My online name is PorcelanPunishr. The only prolbem with this game there is allot of free time in between shots for drinking.
  3. no words on the back of my boat yet going to put "ship faced" on the back soon though. I do fish Big C allot though. I found out that this knot is caled the carot knot thanks for the help.
  4. does anyone know how are what you call the knot to connect lead core to mono.
  5. Im going to be pulling some cranks and the depth I am going to try and reach is around 25ft. I have the precision trolling guide and theri is allot of cranks that will get me to the desired depth if I have enouugh line out. my buddy is telling me that i need to get a reel spooled up with lead core. Why would I need lead core if some cranks get deep enough if i let enough line out. Thanks for all the help.
  6. rippenlips

    Lure depth?

    8th Edition Precision Trolling Bible. Just picked it up at Gander Mountain. It has just about every crank made and will tell you how much line to let out to get to a desired detph with mono or fire line.
  7. 10-4 on loosing the boat. My friend drove the boat up on land by a dock. We were unloading all of our stuff onto the dock and I was the last one to get my takle box out and while I was standing on the dock I looked over my shoulder and boat was floating off into the lake. I decided to try and jump off the dock to get into the boat and yup you guessed it I swimming. Lost my sunglasses and my cell phone was in my pants pocket. I let it dry on a fan over night and I couldn't beleive it but it is working again.
  8. appreciate the help I pulled the trigger on the walleye masters. See ya on the water
  9. I was wondering if anyone new if their was any difference between wave wackers and walleye masters. Why are wave wackers more expensive.
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