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  1. Yes, in the metro. Please PM info. Thank you!
  2. Guys - need help here. NOT looking for armchair quarterbacking here or opinions. It's time for a trained professional because I believe I'm on my last straw. I need a referral to a trainer that can help us through this! My dog growls at people he doesn't know and people that are nervous around him. If we aren't home and someone stops to let him out, he growls and cowers in the back of his kennel. I can't figure out what sparked this for him. He was well-socialized (I thought) when he was a puppy, exposed to a lot more than most dogs I know, etc. I need to correct this before is escalates to biting or more aggressive behavior. Like I said - please advise if you know a trainer who can help me work through this.
  3. onthefly

    Dog Blinds

    Got a MoMarsh invisilab this year. Very happy with it! It is a stand/blind combo. Can fold legs flat to hunt fields or unfold and extend up to 34" for shallow water. Each leg is individually adjustable for uneven bottoms. It has a mesh bottom so water drains off the dog. It has stubble straps and zip up doors on both sides. They have a video of a 120 lb chessie doing retrieves in water out of it - very sturdy. I love the concealment and the fact that my dog as a "kennel spot." Can't see myself hunting without one now
  4. I've had 2 gopros and used for hunting. They are the big name, but not best for shotgun/rifle mounting. Google "Tactacam". Solid product. Perfect for mounting on a firearm.
  5. I'm with you! No guts overnight and definitely not for 3 days in a garage! If it's frozen, it's probably fine. I just don't like to take chances
  6. onthefly

    Itchy Dog

    Just switching to TOTW as well to try to take care of excessive hair loss & dull coat. Was feeding Nutro Source, then Exclusive, but neither made a difference... Hoping TOTW is the ticket.
  7. Thanks, guys. I got no problem admitting it was my fault. It's my first dog and, unfortunately for his seeds, I'm still learning where the lines are. I've done a lot of saving him from himself. Now I know the boundaries on cold weather. My dog is pretty tolerant to cold, but he doesn't seem to like being outside as much below 15-20 degrees.
  8. I've used a head mount and found it to be most effective. Still bounces a bit, but not as much as if it were sitting on the bill of a hat I would guess. Also tried a dog collar mount, which is cool for about 5 seconds when upland hunting. Much better when waterfowling.
  9. Wondering if, when the temp drops below zero, do you guys use any gear to keep your dogs warm? Boots, vests, etc.? I asking because my dog got frostbitten balls after 1 hr of pheasant hunting when it was -5 and windy. Now, he's on the way to the vet. Starting to blister, looking worse. I suppose there's nothing to protect dog balls!? Any help welcome
  10. I would also be surprised if I didn't know better... They routinely do "unguided" hunts were you basically rent a field and use your own equipment. But, I did this once in the past and saw a lot of traffic, but didn't get shooting because birds were piling into a field across the road. Makes me think the guides don't try to put you on the X when you go unguided, but instead just put you where they know you'll see traffic. If anyone wants to team up in a field near the metro, just let me know! Really just trying to see if I like field hunting more than water before I invest the time/effort to scout and secure fields. And, invest in decoys/equipment to do it more effectively!
  11. I agree with white wing scoter. Also, agree that what you did was ethical and well within the law.
  12. I'd rather not bore you all with details about why I am not scouting and nocking on doors... Just wondering if anyone's done this before and if they have any tips for someone thinking about doing it
  13. Anyone have advice on how to get good, pre-scouted fields from guides? Obviously you won't get "A spots" unless they aren't going to hunt it for whatever reason. Anyway, just looking for pointers. I like hunting fields, just don't have great access
  14. Dealt with this with my lab, who's now 18 months. Consistency is KEY. A "no" while grabbing the muzzle should do it after a while. If it doesn't, I found rolling the gums up on the teeth and saying "no" is more effective. Also related... It's important to sometimes the dog on it's back and hold down until it submits. Especially now. This is asserting dominance and will make it more likely the dog will mind when it's told "no"
  15. It's not burning burning, like from electricity or heat. It's the prongs moving and rubbing that cause the sores on his neck. They scab over and heal up. Only happens when we do prolonged trips and it's 3+ days in the field.
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