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  1. Just wondering what everyones earliest deer harvest was and by what method? Last year was my best at 6:50 a.m. opening day, when a beautiful 10 pointer walked out in the swamp about 150 yds. to my left. From my treestand I shot it thru both lungs, and was the FIRST shot of the morning! When I say earliest, I mean starting with opening day.
  2. I love the drive "up North" and seeing the steady stream of vehicles with blaze orange showing somewhere in the vehicle! I also get a kick out of the "once a year" vehicles I see like the 2 man camper from the 1960's being pulled by a 2006 Dodge Ram! Or the beat up old trailers full of all the neccesary items like tree stands, coolers, atv's,etc. I am so pumped by all the reponses from my fellow hunters, I'm just glad we get to partake in this absolute marvel we call Deer Hunting!
  3. Why do we love the pre-dawn walk?, the sound of the woods waking up?, the first crunch of the leaves when were are on stand? Getting cold feet and wet arse, and actually bragging about it back at camp! What a disease we have! I can't wait! Any others I missed? Can't wait to hear em!
  4. It seems as if EVERYONE on this site does not litter or condone it! I'd like to believe that, and do think most adhere to it. But I do know a LOT of FMer's smoke while fishing and would think of nothing when tossing a smoked butt on the ice! That looks like so sad to see next to an ice hole or shack! Ever look down at ANY stoplight or intersection and you will see butts all over! Yuck! Ok, I'm done-Keep it clean-
  5. What is everyones "rule of thumb" for driving trucks out on ice? How thick? For me, it's gotta be at least 20" thick! And yes, I know that no ice is safe ice!
  6. Have checked just about every post and don't hear anything about someone going thru the ice, whether it's vehicle or snowmachine, atv,etc! Usually someone is offering condolences to an unlucky soul. Does anyone know of any mishaps yet? And where? Are we really collectly smarter and safer now? Hope so!
  7. I guess that didn't come out right, Viking. We DO have our cigar smoking clothes on!
  8. Ok, what's your traditions when everyone is in camp Friday night? We get our camp stools and sit around a pond and pull out the Cigars and blow out our talk on what tomorrow will bring! P.S. Our clothes we wear when smoking stay indoors, and we smoke 5 miles from where we hunt!!
  9. I have one of those wonderful women that understands that hunting is my time with the guys in the woods, and gives me her full support and best wishes when I leave. Now, when I get home, Honey-Do lists are waiting! She knows I'm not getting away from her, just fulfilling our yearly "man-thing" in the great woods!! Good Luck all!!
  10. Wow! All these posts are right on! The woods turning from pitch black to soft gray, then the birds chirping..the swaying of the tree..that first "crunch" in the leaves(squirel or deer?)..the sound of a distant shot, visualizing what that hunter just saw..my buck fever is setting in just thinking of these awesome pleasures that only we, as hunters get to cherish! Opening day of DEER season-anybody else besides me think it's better than sex?
  11. I know we all do it for our own personal reasons, but why do you hunt Whitetail Deer every fall? I find that for most, it's not the actual "harvest", but the pursuit. I love setting up my stands in a hopeful spot, and just sucking up the fresh air and "becoming" part of the Woods!! And of course, the talk'ing at camp is a close second!!
  12. How many are headin North to hunt deer in the "big woods"? By this, I mean forest and swamps only, on public land surrounded by "many" other hunters? I believe this is the truest test to hunt the wiley whitetail.They are really skittish, eat and bed most anywhere, and leave a tough map to follow their wherabouts. This will be our groups 28th straight year in same public square mile. What a rush to hunt in this setting, I feel the toughtest way to score. We do quite well cause we sit still in portables all day and let the other "pushers" move the critters for us! But if you don't have patience or enjoy the woods, don't go! Good luck, everyone! Watch your barrel when loading your guns!
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