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  1. NEVER buy a lure unless you check here first and maybe find it for half price! . http://www.overstockbait.com/Joe_Bucher_s/376.htm
  2. catman71


    I can't help you then. all I have done is lake resident trout in Big Watab in Stearns county and I fish them the same way I fish catfish. a bobber and a beer, the wife drives and the kids do the rest. then I clean them and smoke them.....
  3. after reading the entire thread it is important to note, the class for a permit to carry a pistol, ASSUMES you are proficient with your handgun, if you don't know how to operate it, and/or are not accurate this course will not help you, you need an intro to handguns or similar
  4. I took the course at the Sherburne county sheriff's office in elk river. great job, indoor range at the end.... my wife to a much longer course like 7 nights in Rice MN(intro to handguns and permit class) I got a 100 on the shooting test and my wife scored the highest in her class of 20. it isn't that hard, some people make ne nervous.
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    are you in a lake or stream? I catch lots of them in lakes with bobbers, a chartruse flu-flu and a whole night crawler hooked in the middle.... I usually start 35 feet down in 55 feet of water and my kids start at 18 feet down and we adjust from there.
  6. I caught the world record this Sunday, caught it, fought it for 3 hours on 8 pound line. Let it go, no big deal. I catch them that big all the time, but don't look into it.
  7. the only time I can get them one after another is in the month of May at the entrace of a stream in the Mississippi. when the water warms up, they spread out. In my experience anyway...perhaps someone can comment. Sunday I was out on the Chain in Cold Spring and the Carp were EVERYWHERE in 2 feet or less, a big female and smaller male and they thrash around in the shallows, almost roll up th bank into the grass, they will NOT bite no matter what I do. the catfish on the other hand are right by them, I presume, eating the spawn.....we caught catfish litterally one after the other, from 1/2-6 pounds....
  8. I put a 22" smallie back in the Mississippi on Friday night while I was carp fishing. Made my day..
  9. I always find it depressing that people can engage in speculation about laws but still present them as fact. gun laws are complex enough without ignorant people spreading lies.
  10. "broke in" why would you need to do this? what purpse does it serve?
  11. STREN 2-stroke Berkley Loomis Lindy
  12. I have used BARNES Triple-X out of my 7mmMag ever since I saw an X-ray of a deer killed with a lead bullet. I am up to 6 or 7 deer and have not lost one. On the contrary, they seem to get hit so hard they drop in the spot. I recovered a bullet from a large doe and it looked JUST like the picture. That being said, I have used COR-BON bullets in my pistols and have always been impressed with accuracy. So I guess my point is, I have NOT used the Green bullets but I trust BARNES and COR-BON to provide a superior product.
  13. i heard mixing in some vanilla to your corn works well. I can imagine the sugar would do the same. I only tried it once and caught one fish, the crawler caught zero.
  14. I had the buzz from my rod once in LOTW in Whitefish Bay, I was also casting for skis. I casted once and my line stayed up in the air, my rod had a spark fly off the end. I thought I was toast, the guide was totally not bothered by it. scared the [PoorWordUsage] out of me.....we weathered a terriffic storm in a small bay kind of out of the wind, scary to say the least....
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