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  1. Bought a new otter today and looking forward to assembling it on Wednesday . Before I dig in, does anyone have any tips, tricks or things they would have done differently. Just hoping to get some experiences pointers. BTW... hyfax, tow hitch, and cover have all been ordered. Thanks
  2. Nice video....congratulations!!!!
  3. Well boys I struck out this year. I ended up hunting a huge private property that had all the characteristics of a turkey mecca. My first two days I didn't even hear a single gobble. The third day I woke up and felt like a bus hit me. I mustered a little energy and ended up going out and tried the far reach of the property. I found an active gobbler along with a very vocal hen in roost. I creeped in and set up between him and her. Everything was looking good and I thought I would be filling a tag as soon as he flew down. As I waited I had a hen pop out of the wood line within 10 feet f
  4. Nice job sniper...she'll be a gobble-holic for life!!!
  5. I'm getting super excited!!!! What season is everyone hunting? I'll be hunting season C ....April 25-29th.
  6. HSO/FM Team #5.....Cast of Characters benbosh Archerysniper MadyRocks12 - Y FrontenacPike hugonian1 Anyone a walking dead fan? Team name "The Walking Dead".....just an Idea
  7. Sniper...good to be paired up with you again :-) FrontenacPike checking in! I'll be hunting season C around the Lake City area. I just opened up my new AvianX decoy this morning and hot dang does she look good!!! I received my feeder hen and still waiting on my backordered breeder.
  8. I just got home from LOTW last night and have some battery life on my LX7 to share. I turned the backlight to 20 and the background to night setting. I got 2 days of fishing per battery....so were talking 24 plus hours. I've never ran the backlight that low in the past, but I wanted to compare it to my usual setting of 55. The difference is an extra 12 hours.
  9. bbfenatic....did Marcum fix the issue with the charger of the light never turning from red to green when the battery is full? The clips on my current charger are so mangled from tightening them with a pliers...they barely look like clips anymore :-) My LX7 typically gets 12 hours fishing with the unit on the ice and 14 hours in sleeper shack.
  10. I run an #11 pounder and fill it about every 8-10 times out...so thats about every 2-3 weeks. Like the others were saying I fill it up if it starts feeling low. I once ran out several years ago during a hot bite and since then I've kept a #1 pounder in the bottom of my shack just as a back up. My current set up of running a #11 pounder has payed for it self years ago, not to mention my eco footprint.
  11. I also agree with Dan about the higher octane fuel. In fact I run Non oxygenated high octane fuel in all my small engines. The cold doesn't seem to effect it, 2 pulls.
  12. Scott Miller in Prescott Wisconsin did an amazing job on my walleye. Take a walk through his shop, He usually has plenty of fish on display so you'll know what your getting when you bring it to him.
  13. Holy smokes.....what a piggie!!! Nice Catch!
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