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  1. MAB

    To those who have served, THANK YOU

    No question about it, Thanks. Just a FYI if anyone feels the need to ride, there is a disabled vets ride Sunday June, 3 leaving from Otsego at noon.
  2. MAB

    Fall Colors Ride

    I will for sure get a few rides in this fall, the riding season is too short! Probably do the Wisconsin side of the St. Croix and for sure up to the north by Nevis a few times to cut the grass. Just put the chaps on and listen to the engine purr.
  3. MAB

    AMA flat track races at Canturbury

    It sounds like a BLAST! When I was a teenager I used to pound on my dirt bike like that too bad life has to take hold and a guy couldn't just do what ever he liked. I was out at Canturbury last weekend too it was a good time. Rode most of the day and then out to Canturbury with some friends and had a good time the weather was nice and racing was good too.
  4. MAB

    Quick Question

    Check out [NOTE FROM ADMIN: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank You] they have a variety of things.
  5. I have trip to South Dakota and Wyoming and it is coming up in a few weeks. Does anyone have any must ride roads other than the usual Vanocker and Spearfish canyons? We will ride the Beartooth highway and through the Big Horn mountains too. What can I expect in the mountains? I have heard that there can be thunderstorms in the afternoons often. Any advice is welcomed.
  6. MAB

    got to go for a ride

    I know what you are saying, maybe it's time to buy one again! I bought a bike 2 years ago after not riding for a long time and it's even better than I remember. The wife loves it too, over the last two summers I have put on over 20,000 miles and will probably do at least 10,000 this year. Last year we rode out to Rapid City, the canyons were in my wife's words like a "roller coaster". This year we are going to do it again and ride out to the Bear Tooth highway and into Yellowstone. My butt will be raw but I will enjoy the ride. See you on the highway.
  7. MAB

    Hydrostatic transmission

    Thank's for the responses everyone. I will try the belt first and go from there. I really don't know much about the mower but thought it may need a new belt, the guy I bought it from didn't do much but run it it looks like. Thanks again.
  8. I just bought a beater rider that has a hydrostatic transmission it is a MTD. Does anyone have any ideas about why it will not go up a hill? I checked there is no way to check the fluid leval or add fluid. Thanks
  9. MAB

    Victory Kingpin ???

    Never rode one. My suggestion is to go and test ride a few models you are looking at and get the feel for the ride. I have a 08 street glide now and it is a real nice bike, rides niece and lot's of power.
  10. Highway 1 is real nice lot's of curves and not real rough. I rode the same route you have planned minus the trip back, went on to the south west from there. I would like to do it again but I don't make it up to that part of the state too often. Enjoy.
  11. MAB

    Great Ride

    This past week I put some great miles on. I thought I would share one strech that was real good. If you are ever in the area and have time take 61 north out of Duluth to Beaver Bay then take MN 1 to Ely. MN 1 is great and probably 65 miles of curves and forest area and not much traffic. Enjoy
  12. MAB

    South Dakota

    It looks like I am going to ride to the Rapid City area the last week in August. Does anyone have any tips I need to know about? Real good rides, scenery, food... what ever else you can think of.
  13. MAB

    Thanks to the Big A

    There is a thing going on in Walker the first weekend of August I want to check out, should be ok. The only bottom feeders I want to deal with on my days off are walleyes!
  14. MAB

    Washing Cycle?

    I just bought it and I think the swirls are from the dealer using a buffer to wax it. Let me know what ideas you have. Thanks in advance.
  15. MAB


    Here's one for the belive it or not files (it is true though). In the early 80's when I was much younger. I was coming down a bridge in traffic there was a stop light ahead with probably 15 cars and a semi in front of me. There was at least one car behind me. I noted the light was green but the lane I was in was not moving yet. I thought just make the lane change but since my DL was revolked I just hit the brakes looked in the mirror and BAM this lady hit me from behind. This is no bull I landed on the hood slid off and hit the ground as she came to a stop. My bike was trash. No broken bones (pretty sure thats why my back is messed up though). Moral of the story go with your gut and swirve if you can.