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  1. I'm so mad right now, I don't even know where to begin. This is one of my favorite little fishing spots, and now because someone was ignorant and flaunted the law, chances are it's infected. http://www.fergusfallsjournal.com/2011/12/30/man-charged-under-new-invasive-species-rules/ I _REALLY_ hope this guy gets the max. Mods, feel free to move if nec'y.
  2. Maybe someone here can help. I have a 1999 Saturn SL1 with 97,000 on it. The car has been running good, but this last trip down to the cities, when I parked I noticed a 'knock' coming from the engine. On my way home, I noticed the engine temp would not go very high, and the heat the car was putting out was not very much - it was almost cold air coming from the engine, and this was after being on I-94 zipping along at 70 MPH for 2 hours. (the temp gauge would only go up just over 1/4 of the way) I watched the temp gauge, and it didn't do any spikes that I noticed. I did not notice any smell of anti-freeze, oil, or anything unusual when I was driving it. I get home, and the knock is still there. Then, the oil light comes on, but it only comes on when I am stopped at a red light, for example. I checked the oil level, and the oil level appears normal - it's not at 100% full, but it's close. I did not see any frothing on the dipstick when I took it out, but the oil did smell quite a bit like gas, not your normal oil. Anyone have an idea of what is going on here? Is this something simple, or am I looking at a spendy replacement? Thanks, wx_nut
  3. I have 3 17 inch and 1 15 inch CRT Monitors that I do not need any more. If anyone wants one, please speak up. I am in the Fargo, ND area, however I will be making a trip to the cities the week of May 17th. I'll deliver locally to Fargo if you'd like.
  4. wx_nut

    XM weather

    Hi all: I've used the XM Satellite Weather Master Mariner package for a number of years (going back to 2005ish) and I have been rather pleased with it, and it's performance. With that you also get the Canadian radars as well. Even if you just are using the US package (Skywatch, Fishman, Sailor, etc.) Those will still show you the radar data coming out of the Grand Forks, ND and Duluth, MN Radars. The issue is, LOTW is at the edge for the radars for the Winnipeg, Grand Forks, and Duluth radars. You can do yearly, or you can do monthly. If you are not wanting to have the 'new setup fee' each and every year, you can switch yourself over to the "End of Season" package. That will basically 'suspend' your account, and then the next spring, you do not have to pay for any form of a subscription or setup fee. I have been doing this since 2005, and aside from the first time, I have never paid a setup fee. The XM system is a Satellite-based system. It does not rely upon the celluar networks - just Satellite. As long as you have a clear view of the sky (yes, there can be clouds) then you are fine. Think of it as similar to a GPS puck - if the GPS puck works, then your XM system will work as well. I have also heard a number of rumors that the pricing for the XM system will be dropping. I'm not sure if they are or not, however I know I am not going to be turning mine on for a while yet. As for reliability, the XM system is second to none. I have, in 5 years of using it, had it fail, I think once. The reliability is there, and the lightning detection grid is wonderful. I love it. You can also view METAR/AWOS data, Flight restrictions, marine and buoy data, fishing information, etc. It's a great system and setup. If you have questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask. I know I have been out and about and when cellular data doesn't work, or is sketchy, XM is the way to go. If you want to check out some screen shots of the program in action, please feel free to visit: http://tinyurl.com/yh7g58l http://tinyurl.com/yaw8bzr http://tinyurl.com/yfdjb5b -wx_nut
  5. I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever. I _say_ the word "Boat", (or sometimes THINK it) and my dog gets so excited I think she will wet herself. I'm not sure what she gets excited for more - the word "boat", or the word "retrieve." She also knows if I get up at 4am and go to the garage, she knows I'm going somewhere, and has been known to grab her leash and sit at the door waiting for me. She loves going in the boat with her 'dad'. Nothing else I'd rather have. The SO sunning herself on the back, the pup up with me in the front, and a line in the water. She even has her own spot in the boat where she drags her bed - right under my console. If she gets warm or anything, she will sit under there with her bottle of water, and a water mist fan. As for precautions, in the summer, I'd make sure I'd have water and a place she can shade herself. Usually, I'd take a break every two to three hours so the dog can get in the water and cool herself off a little if it's warm. In the winter, if it's going to be really cold, either booties to protect her paws, or some place she can lie off the ice. Generally, my Golden will try to stay right next to me. Next year I get to take her, my SO, and the kidlet out with. That will be a blast.
  6. Powdered donuts, Beer, and sour cream and Onion potato chips. Occasionally, I will bring on Jerky.
  7. I have a 2002 Santa Fe, and I pull an 08 Tracker. I would not recommend this setup. Yes, on the highway not pulling anything, I get around 20 to 23. When I pulled my old 82 Crestliner, I would get around 18. When I pull my new Tracker, I get around 13 to 15. It is also unhappy with me when I pull with it. (I have to be careful about how I pull, baby it, etc.) One thing that you also need to look for is how heavy is what you are pulling, and what is your vehicle rated for. Mine, according to the dealer is rated for 2,400lbs. My boat, when fully loaded with gas is around 1,900 lbs. (Yes, I had it weighed - yes, I know this is different than what the package weight from the brochure states it is.) We all have to pay somewhere. I recently had a little fisherman added to my family, and I've found that SO + Dog + Mini-Me + boat + everything else = unhappy SO. I would steer away from the Escapes - they simply do not have the towing capacity for anything much over a 16 footer. My BIL has one, and he almost wishes he had something bigger. I'm looking at getting rid of my SantaFe as well - I'm looking at either a F150 or a *gulp* Excursion. I have heard good things about the Toyota Tundra and the Dodge Durango's. My dad has a new Durango, and he loves his. Basically, don't make the same mistake I made - make sure you do it right, and get the bigger Truck/SUV. One thing you might consider is getting maybe a little older Truck/SUV and then going and getting a cheap-o commuter car that you can rack the miles on. If I could go back and do this all over again, that's what I would do - spend some decent ching on the Truck, and then get a cheap-o commuter car that you can drive until she drops. Good luck. -wx_nut (Edited for me being a bad typist)
  8. Here's the best friend a guy could have. She's a year and a half old, bought from Ole54868 in Feb. of 2008.
  9. Congrats on buying a new boat! I'm fairly new myself, and this is what I can tell ya (which is pretty much what everyone else has said) 1. With the vehicle you chose, make sure it has enough power, and that the vehicle is rated to pull your boat. For example, if your boat is going to weigh 1,900 lbs, and your truck can only pull 2,200 lbs, you might want to rethink the vehicle. Make sure there's some leway there. Your transmission and pocketbook will thank you later. 2. Once you get the boat home, get used to pulling it around - find an empty parking lot and set up a couple of cones - practice backing it up, and that way you can back it into your driveway easier, and at the ramp. This is what I did, and it helped tremendously! Also, feel free to pull your boat around town a little. Get used to stopping with it behind your truck, and that way when you get out on the big bad interstates, you will have more of an idea of how your truck will handle towing the boat. Also, then you can show off your new boat to your neighbors and make them all jealous. (And don't forget the licensing for the trailer and boat!) 3. Do some trial runs, and then make a checklist. Before you get ready to go out to the lake, make a checklist, and then you can make sure all of your gear is ready. If I know I am going to go out for a big trip, I start my checklist a day or so before I am going to go out. That way I can make sure I have my charger on my trolling motor, make sure the boat is all full with gas, and I can get the worms/minnows. It also gives me the excuse to head to Gander/Cabela's and make an additional purchase or two. :-) That way the day of, I don't have to deal with the hectic lines at the bait shop at 0500. (Think the BP out on 169 near Garrison on a Saturday morning - YIKES!) 4. As many others have said here, take your boat out first to some of the smaller lakes and bays. Get used to running your boat, and get used to loading and unloading your boat. Get comfortable with her. You just dropped a metric baitload of cash, and she's your baby. This way, you can also run through some of the break-in period on the motor if you are getting a brand new boat. The break in period is different for each motor, but I know with mine (2008 90HP Merc) after the break in period my plugs were somewhat fouled, and I had to get them replaced. This way you can also make sure everything in the boat is working. You can help to make sure everything is working the day of The Big Dance and then you won't be out on the middle of 5 mile with fouled plugs and a 3 mile paddle to shore. 5. Check your cotter pin when you are putting your boat in. This is the little pin that secures your prop to the motor. Make sure it is in and not rusted. Been there, done that, prop fell off. So if anyone is ever on East Spirit Lake in Ottertail County and finds a prop, let me know. :-) 6. Make sure you get used to your boat, and have fun. Most of the guys here have some really good advice - make sure you take your transom straps off BEFORE you put your boat in the water. Yes, even with the trailer attached, your boat will float. If this happens, take your boat SLOWLY forward until it stops floating. Don't make the mistake I made and try to undo the transom straps while the boat is IN the water. Let's just say that Darwin and I almost had a very close encounter that day. I've learned my lesson, and I hope you will too. Most of all, if you are at a ramp and having trouble, ask for help. I know I would much rather help someone out who is having trouble than see them try and try again to get their boat in or out of the water. I know for me, I really like checklists - I have a checklist for almost everything that I do when I put my boat in or take it out of the water. It drives my partners crazy, but, it also means that I haven't had any major accidents since I started using it. (It was the transom strap thing that finally caused it for me!) Yes, the list will get longer as the years go by, but it also leaves less room for error, and also means for a safer, and I think more fun boating and fishing experience. Remember, have fun, and always make your friends who are mooching off your new boat buy you beer and bait. HTH, wx_nut
  10. I just winterized it and she's going to be put away this afternoon. Until next year buddy!
  11. wx_nut

    MPG towing?

    2002 Hyundai Santa Fe pulling a 2008 ProGuide 17-WT Tracker with 90HP motor. I got around 16.8 mpg on my last trip.
  12. I just bought a new 2008 Tracker with a 90 HP Merc on it. For my break in, for the first hour I can not go to WOT, and I should not let it idle for any more than 2 minutes. I am also supposed to mix my first tank of gas with a 50:1 mixture, and also make sure my oil resoivor is full. My first maiden voyage will be tomorrow afternoon on East Spirit, so if you see a guy out there in a 2008 17-WT with a big smile on his face and a Golden Retriever with a tail flapping in the breeze, that would be me! Hope this helps!
  13. oooooh boy. I've had a few in my day. I've had the "Hey Joe*, did you put the plug in?" "Oh, I sure did wx_nut! It's in and snug!" "Great!" A little while later........... "Say, isn't the boat sitting a little low in the water?" "Yeah, it sure is wx_nut......I wonder if we should check the plug?" *facepalm* Another time the SO took my boat out (yes, she can drive my boat and she hasn't crashed it yet!) and she runs it all day and never tells me. I proceed to head out at dusk to catch some nighttime eye's and on the way back realize she ran the boat out of gas. But, the biggest doosey was two years ago.... The SO and her family have a big o'l reunion every year on East Spirit. I'm happy as a clam as I get to bring my boat out and sit in it and fish and drink beer all day. My idea of a reunion. My b-i-l, cousin-in-law, and myself are all out fishing for whatever. Tap-tap-tap-tap FISH ON! And away we go! I'm reeling in a big o'l Bass and she starts running into the weeds. She starts running, and we keep drifting. I tell Joe* to start the motor, and he sits down, starts it up, and puts it into gear, and we don't go anywhere. He asks if there is something special to getting my boat to work. "No!" I yell back, "Just put it into gear and give it some gas! It's not that hard!" as I see the line on my reel start to dwindle and realize I am down to my last few feet of line. My fast thinking cousin plops down the trolling motor and we start using that to get back to my fish. I get the fish in, and I proceed to ask Joe* why he couldn't get the boat in gear. We had just drifted through some weeds so we figured the prop is all tangled. I start to trim the motor up, and while I'm doing that Joe* quips "Heh, I bet you don't have a prop." I tell him to keep that kind of stuff to himself and that he'd better be joking. I trim it all the way up, and much to Joe's* amazement, sure enough, there's no prop. 4pm. On a Saturday. With nighttime action coming upon us. With no prop. With no way to get a replacement. I ended up using my trolling motor the rest of the way in. At least we caught out limit of Sunnies on the way back! So somewhere, in Spirit Lake there's a nice, new prop and hub kit sitting at the bottom of the lake. If anyone happens to come across it, please let me know. I'd be pretty happy to get it back. _____ * Not his real name.
  14. I'm a guy that lives in ND, but I have my boat titled in MN. When I went through all this, I got many, many answers. Everyone I asked seem to have a different answer, even from each state DMV's and MNDNR/NDDGF. This is what I have. ND Resident Boat is licensed in MN No lisc. on boat trailer, as they are not required in ND. You can purchase an optional lisc. for your trailer for $15, however it is not required. IANAL, so YMMV. -wx_nut
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