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  1. Lazy Mike

    Amason's Obabikon Resort ??

    All the reports I have seen are very good. The resort is in a good location and looks clean and well kept from what I can see from the water. I say book it and don't forget to post a report after your trip.
  2. Lazy Mike


    I'm sure a lot of fisherman will disagree with me, but I don't really think there is that big of a difference. I have a FL8 and FL18 and both are good. I can see a wax worm hanging off the treble of a buckshot and can also pick up a small swivel. In regard to bottom seperation, I can see the bottom kind of rumble even if I don't have true seperation on those fish that are really scraping the bottom.
  3. Lazy Mike

    Best Route to Western UP

    Thanks for the responses. I ended up taking 35N to Hwy 2. The drive was not bad at all even with some light snow. It was my first time on Michigan trails and we really liked them. Nicley groomed and great signage. An extreme snow squall at Lake of the Clouds made for a memorable event.
  4. Lazy Mike

    Best Route to Western UP

    Just wondering what the best route is to Ironwood, MI from Mpls area for snowmobiling. Thanks Mike
  5. Lazy Mike

    Northwest Sportshow

    $3.00 off coupons are available at Subway, no purchase necessary.
  6. Lazy Mike

    Yellowstone Experiences?

    Stifler, great pics! Where in the Tetons are those pictures taken?
  7. Lazy Mike

    Eskimo Augers

    I agree with Rebel, I have a Stingray and it has always worked great. You can spend a lot more on an auger, but you don't really need to IMO.
  8. Lazy Mike

    Shotgun scope

    I would go with the lowest power possible. I use a 1x4 Leupold and never have wished for more magnification. I like the wide field of view and light gathering. Be sure it's a true shotgun scope that can handle the recoil, and don't skimp on the rings.
  9. Lazy Mike

    NW Ontario Lake Trout?

    NoWiser, thanks for the additional info and tips. Which of the outpost/lodging is the nicest, cleanest, newest? If I decide to include my wife she will want to know. Thanks for the help. Mike
  10. Lazy Mike

    NW Ontario Lake Trout?

    Thanks for the ideas. Both Manitou and GNO sound like good choices. Does anyone know how their fishing compares to Crow or LOW Whitefish Bay?
  11. Lazy Mike

    NW Ontario Lake Trout?

    Looking to try some NW Ontario Lake Trout fishing this winter. I have snowmobile and all the stuff, just looking for a recommended lake and lodge. Thanks, Mike
  12. Lazy Mike

    Lac Seul Fishing Reports

    Hey Midwest, how was your stay at Lac Seul Adventures? We are thinking of staying there in September, but you can't tell much from the HSOforum? Are the road conditions decent for hauling a boat? Dock good? It looks like the have a good location on the lake.
  13. Lazy Mike

    Heading Back Up

    Nice report, sounds like you had a great time. Which outfitter did you go with?
  14. Lazy Mike

    lund fisherman:drift socks/anchor

    I know most people probably use a cleat, but I still like to use the bow hook. Just be sure to clip it on before you leave the dock if it's too hard to reach. When you pull it in, leave it clipped to the bow, but be sure to secure it so it doesn't catch air when you are driving the boat.
  15. Lazy Mike

    What do you use for rock guards?

    I just bought 78" towtector for $280.00 no tax, no shipping. Look for the dealer in Orange City, IA.