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  1. bassnbogie

    bass jiggin

    Thanks for the advise! I'll stick with it and be very patient. I think it's going to be the theme of the summer!
  2. UBB57-ML-803263-ML- Moved to the Bass Forum
  3. bassnbogie

    bass jiggin

    Usually this time of year one can find bass hanging around the shallows. This year is messed up, the fish seem to already be in their summer haunts. I'm not a veteran basser, and never had much luck fishing in the deeper water. I know that jiggin is an effective technique for bass under such conditions. However I've never had a bite while working these baits for the past two years. What are the correct techniques to this type of fishing. Consider the mood of the fish to be finiky. Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated!
  4. 1) Bass 2) Muskies 3) Northerns
  5. Hunter21, where are you located? I'm in Apple Valley and you're welcome to come and see it. My job takes me all over the region, so it's possible I'd be in your territory and could throw it in my vehicle.
  6. It was given as a father's day gift and sat in a closet for three years. It's only year of use was 2004, which makes it a four year old model It's in excellent condition and is a power drive unit. The foot control is electric, not cable controlled. I can email you pics, give me your address.
  7. No auto or co pilot. No mounting bracket. Footcontrol has a single cable and has variable speed(0-10).
  8. Minnkota trolling motor, 50# thrust, 52" shaft, includes foot control. In excellent shape, only used last year. Asking $250
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