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  1. Smokers et all, My son and I built one last spring. Have smoked 10, 20lb batches of beef jerky and 3 batches of pork loin ribs. Works great. Recently mounted a Bradley Smoke generator and will smoke more jerky this weekend. Looking forward to cold smoking. Several things lined up. Good project and good results... Paul
  2. Oh boy! Smoked ribs. Smoked Salmon and grilled New York strips. Just brewed brew. Bring on the weekend! Cheers....
  3. +1 On the Well Done. My son and I are building a smoker per Riich's post. First smoker and looking forward to some tasty rewards. Good summer to all.
  4. Does anyone have experience with oxygen tablets for minnows? Just looking into something for minnows in the bucket. thanks...
  5. All, I am looking into an air exchanger. Could you give a Make or Brand to go by? Thanks...
  6. R/R, I contacted FixMyGadget.com when my daughter dropped her Nintendo DS Lite. They were great to work with and turned things around quickly. good luck, Merc70
  7. 1260 Kublai Khan starts his reign. If anyone Khan he can.
  8. Put that baby in the oven this past weekend. Used the baking bag. Cooked 2 hrs. added tators, onions, carrots baked 2 more hrs. Pulled it out at temp of 180d. Perfect. Juicy and tender. Man-o-tastebuds.... thanks for the help.....
  9. Thanks DC. Going to give it a try this weekend. Like the glaze idea. Will try that also. Thanks again..
  10. Recently bought an 'uncooked ham'. I assume I can follow directions and cook to internal of 160? Any suggestions? I was going to use a baking bag so as to add tators and such. Any ideas would be great.. Thanks.....
  11. hi all, just looking to add lighting to my deck (2 levels). thought of the rope style or low voltage lights. any thoughts to what has worked for others? thanks...
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