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  1. yes that would be great I just got a muzzleloader last year and it would have been great to have a specific forum to ask questions. Anyways i shot my first deer with it on opener and will continue to use it. They are so fun to shoot.
  2. i shoot left handed bow and firearms but am right handed i found out as a young kid that i was left eye dominant and taught myself to shoot lefty. It was not that hard because i was real young. I would tell anyone who is helping a new shooter out to have them check their eye dominancy because it is way easier to learn right from the beginning.
  3. has anyone had any better luck with the shockwaves. I have shot both through my gun and they shoot plenty accurate for where i hunt. I was wondering more about their perfomance as far as expansion and penetration.
  4. I got a pack of power belt bullets for christmas along with my new muzzleloader. I was planning on using them for deer however, i read some bad stories about them blowing up on impact and not penatrating far enough for a quick kill. I was thinking this was probly due to magnum powder charges and thought i would be okay shooting 100 grains. I wanted to know if anyone had used these bullets and what their experiences were like. By the way i have the 245 grain hollow point in .50 cal if it matters. Thanks for the input
  5. ive been looking for a new bow. Hopefully under 500 bucks. I shoot left handed and short draw. I went to cabelas and the guy there had me shoot a parker buck hunter xp. It felt nice. Does any one have any experience with this bow. Good or bad. Or does any one have any other bows to check out. I want to buy from cabelas because i got a bunch of gift cards. Any advice would be great thanks
  6. hey i got a tip i dont know if its been posted but its really helpful. I read about pouring water into oil to check if its hot. Seems kinda dangerous. Instead next time try putting a match into the oil. Just a regular cardboard match. It should sink to the bottom after a while. Once the oil starts to get hot watch the match. After a while (patience!) the match will ignite and the oil will be at the right temp for frying fish. Then just scoop it out and put in the fish. Hope this helps, if it has already been posted then i apologize i should have looked harder.
  7. i got a rapala one. It has a black rubber handle and all but the blade is different. I think it was called a thinn finn or somethin goofy like that but it works great. I think the blade is probably about 7 inches and its nice and flexible for skinning the fillets but it will cut through bone and scales just fine. but ever since i got it ive never seen one for sale anywhere so you would have to look around.
  8. I need a new bow. Ive been looking quite a bit at a Fred Bear Instinct or Element. Was looking for any advice about these bows. Or any other suggestions for bows around 300-400 dollars. I am just moving up to an adult size bow so im thinking around 50 maybe 60 pounds. However, i also shoot left handed. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  9. basskid

    new shotgun

    i would go with a pump. I would highly recommend the 870. I dont like the feel of the novas. And i like the idea of a bottom ejection on the bps but my friend had one that wouldnt eject shells half the time.
  10. for live bait look no farther than the northland fireballs.
  11. fragmenting is when the bullet blows apart on impact
  12. basskid

    Swimming Senko

    i hate senkos they are over priced pieces of dump
  13. just bought the same one for 35 bucks, what the hay! I practically stole it
  14. i bougt a wildview and had the same results when it was cold so i switched to a nickel recargealbe battery and they work a lot better even in the cold
  15. i would for sure say reel. i think that a good smooth reel is more important than a rod. I own a 5 dollar zebco baitcasting rod and also a 12 dollar cabelas e-glass spinning rod and both are fine. However i like to spend a little more on a reel because i think that they hold up better and are much more enjoyable to fish with.
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