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  1. the twinkies should've coughed up the one million it took to sign pedro. that would've been nice. a 4.64 era from pavano in 12 starts with the twins didn't win me over. moreover, the main problem in my mind is that was an improvement from what he had done earlier in the season with the indians. i agree that a guy like figgins to man the hot corner would be great. doubtful but great. do you take a risk on underachievers like atkins or hardy? not sure...
  2. heading to madeline island this weekend. fished the lagoon out of a row boat a couple years ago and caught a few small pike. broke my 8 lb. test on a nice pike though. anyone fish the lagoon lately?
  3. GPS hands down. got the one you're talking about and use it all the time.
  4. Wondering how the pheasant counts are in the Belle Plaine area. I've got a young dog and would like to take her out somewhere close to home sometime this week. Belle Plaine is pretty close to home. I know of a few areas down there but am curious how the counts are. Anyone seeing birds in the Pheasant's Forever areas? Thanks.
  5. Looking at buying a 10' pond prowler. A friend of mine has a brand new one that he's trying to sell for half-price. Anyone own one of these?
  6. any idea how i can post pictures of the boat? i read the FAQ section but am still having difficulty posting pics seeing as they are not connected to a URL.
  7. FOR SALE: 1950's 1/4" thick fiberglass fishing/hunting boat along with a sturdy, lifetime licensed, hand-crafted trailer. Wiring for trailer lights most likely needs to be replaced. Watercraft registration for boat valid until '09. Eagle Silent Sixty I fish finder is included in asking price. Sorry, no motor included.
  8. saw this camera for sale at Dick's sporting goods. anyone own one? positives? negatives?
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